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General Language Description

Many of Indonesia's 800 or so languages have not been properly described. For some, all we have are short word lists; for others, even that does not exist. Our General Language Description project selects languages and dialects which are of linguistic interest, but have not been properly described yet. Particular attention is given to nonstandard varieties, which have typically suffered from the worst neglect.

Project Goals:

  • Describe endangered languages and dialects (eg Sakai, Orang Asli, Orang Akit)
  • Describe non-endangered (but hitherto undescribed) languages and dialects (eg Riau Indonesian)
  • Describe other languages and dialects which are of particular linguistic interest (eg Pemalang Javanese)
  • Describe Jakarta Indonesian (as a reference point for the Acquisition of Jakarta Indonesian project)
  • Compile naturalistic text corpora for all the languages under investigation

Languages/dialects studied: (see map for approximate locations)

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