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Jakarta Field Station > Projects > Acquisition > Database > Sample Texts > MIC

Sample Text - MIC

Session date:28 Mar 2001
Audio clip:1 min 32 sec
Low quality WAV format: wav file (1.94 MB)
Medium quality MP3 format: mp3 file (0.71 MB)
(Audio quality reduced to reduce file size)
Child's code:MIC
Child's age:3;1
More info:Target Children
Situation:Playing on the living room floor
at the child's grandmother's
Speaker codes:CHI = Child (MIC)
EXP = Experimenter (Yanti)
Other codes:%glo = interlinear gloss
%eng = free translation into English
%com = comments specific to the record

Note: The original database also includes a phonetic transcription line. It is omitted here for technical reasons.

*EXP sekarang, Michael ceritain mereka biar bobo dulu, nanti biar matanya merem.
%glo now Michael story-IN 3PL let sleep before later let eye-NYA shut.eyes
%eng now, you tell them a story to put them to sleep, so that they will close their eyes.
%com ‘nya' in ‘matanya' refers to the puppets.

*CHI itu, dia ha...
%glo that 3 EXCL
%eng there, he hah...
%com 1. starts telling a story, possibly based on a robot movie.

*CHI mmm... waktu itu, dia xx eh... dia kejer eee... eh...
%glo FILL time that 3 xx FILL 3 chased FILL FILL
%eng umm... at that time... he xx hem... he was chasing that umm... umm...
%com still telling the story, but the story is not clear.

*CHI robotnya itu punya robot besar.
%glo robot-NYA that have robot big
%eng the robot has a big robot.
%com still telling the story.

*EXP nah, terus?
%glo NAH continue
%eng and then?

*EXP terus dengerin, ceritanya.
%glo continue hear-IN story-NYA
%eng continue the story, they are still listening.
%com 1. pointing to the puppets on the pillow. 2. the subjects of ‘dengerin' are the puppets. 3. ‘nya' in ‘ceritanya' refers to CHI.

*CHI dia kejar, dia... eh... dung, dung, dung, dung, dung... dia kejar.
%glo 3 chase 3 FILL IMIT IMIT IMIT IMIT IMIT 3 chase
%eng he's chasing, he umm... dung, dung, dung, dung, dung... he's chasing.
%com 1. continuing telling the story. 2. ‘dung' desribes some indeterminate action, perhaps running or hitting.

*EXP terus?
%glo continue
%eng and then?
%com referring to CHI's telling the story.

*CHI eee... itunya... eee... dia punya pedang.
%glo FILL that-NYA FILL 3 have sword
%eng umm... whatchamacallit... umm... he's got a sword.
%com continuing his story.

*CHI itunya pake gini...
%glo that-NYA use like.this
%eng he used the whatchamacallit like this.
%com moving his arm .

*CHI pake kaki, pake kaki juga.
%glo use foot use foot also
%eng he used this foot, and this foot too.
%com pointing first to his right leg and then his left leg.

*EXP terus, pedangnya diapain?
%glo continue sword-NYA DI-what-IN
%eng and then, what did he do with the sword?

*CHI ditaro di sini.
%glo DI-put LOC here
%eng he put it here.
%com pointing to his waist.

*EXP oh, ditaro di pinggang?
%glo EXCL DI-put LOC midriff
%eng oh, is he put it on his waist?

*CHI iya.
%glo yes
%eng yes.

*EXP terus, ngapain lagi mmm... robotnya?
%glo continue N-what-IN more FILL robot-NYA
%eng and then, what did umm... the robot do?
%com asking CHI to continue the story.

*CHI dia... dia... dia... dia kejar.
%glo 3 3 3 3 chase
%eng he... he... he... he chased.

*EXP kejar siapa?
%glo chase who
%eng chased who?

*CHI ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
%eng ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
%com ‘ding' probably describes running or hitting.

*CHI mmm...
%glo FILL
%eng umm....

*EXP yang dikejar siapa, Kel?
%glo REL DI-chase who TRU-Michael
%eng who did he chase, Michael?

*CHI jeng, orang jahatnya.
%glo EXCL person evil-NYA
%eng thump, the bad guy.

*CHI jeng, jeng, jeng, jeng...
%eng thump, thump, thump, thump...
%com imitating the sound of running.

*CHI dia ke sana.
%glo 3 to there
%eng he went there.

*CHI dia eee... taro sini, dia cari makan(?) di... eh... ke sini.
%glo 3 FILL put here 3 look.for eat LOC FILL to here
%eng he umm... I put him here, he looked for food(?) at... umm... came here.
%com pointing to a spot near him.

*CHI dia ke sana.
%glo 3 to there
%eng he went there.

*EXP ke mana?
%glo to which
%eng where?

*CHI ke sini.
%glo to here
%eng here.
%com pointing to the spot near him.

*EXP oh, ke sini.
%glo EXCL to here
%eng oh, over here.
%com pointing to the same spot pointed to by CHI.

*EXP di sini ada apa, emangnya?
%glo LOC here exist what indeed-NYA
%eng but what's here?
%com referring to the spot pointed to by CHI.

*CHI orang jahatnya ke sini.
%glo person evil-NYA to here
%eng the bad guy came here.
%com pointing to the same spot again.

*EXP oh, orang jahatnya ke sini.
%glo EXCL person evil-NYA to here
%eng oh, the bad guy came here.
%com pointing to the same spot again.

*EXP orang jahat... jahatnya bawa apa, sih?
%glo person evil evil-NYA bring what SIH
%eng what was the bad guy carrying?
%com speaker mispronounced the word 'jahat' and then corrected herself.

*CHI mmm... bawa bom.
%glo FILL bring bomb
%eng umm... he was carrying a bomb.

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