Unclassified Languages

Unclassified (52)

Agavotaguerra [avo] (A language of Brazil)

Aguano [aga] (A language of Peru)

Arára, Mato Grosso [axg] (A language of Brazil)

Awishira [ash] (A language of Peru)

Bung [bqd] (A language of Cameroon)

Carabayo [cby] (A language of Colombia)

Doso [dol] (A language of Papua New Guinea)

 Enggano [eno] (A language of Indonesia)

Gail [gic] (A language of South Africa)

Haitian Vodoun Culture Language [hvc] (A language of Haiti)

Himarimã [hir] (A language of Brazil)

Kaimbé [xai] (A language of Brazil)

Kambiwá [xbw] (A language of Brazil)

Kapinawá [xpn] (A language of Brazil)

Kara [kah] (A language of Central African Republic)

Kasabe [luw] (A language of Cameroon)

Kembra [xkw] (A language of Indonesia)

Kimki [sbt] (A language of Indonesia)

Kujarge [vkj] (A language of Chad)

Lepki [lpe] (A language of Indonesia)

Lufu [ldq] (A language of Nigeria)

Lule [ule] (A language of Argentina)

Majhwar [mmj] (A language of India)

Mangue [mom] (A language of Nicaragua)

Mawa [wma] (A language of Nigeria)

Molof [msl] (A language of Indonesia)

Murkim [rmh] (A language of Indonesia)

Namla [naa] (A language of Indonesia)

Pankararé [pax] (A language of Brazil)

Pijao [pij] (A language of Colombia)

Polari [pld] (A language of United Kingdom)

Pumé [yae] (A language of Venezuela)

Rer Bare [rer] (A language of Ethiopia)

Shabo [sbf] (A language of Ethiopia)

Tingui-Boto [tgv] (A language of Brazil)

Tofanma [tlg] (A language of Indonesia)

Tremembé [tme] (A language of Brazil)

Truká [tka] (A language of Brazil)

Usku [ulf] (A language of Indonesia)

Wakoná [waf] (A language of Brazil)

Warduji [wrd] (A language of Afghanistan)

Wasu [wsu] (A language of Brazil)

Waxianghua [wxa] (A language of China)

Weyto [woy] (A language of Ethiopia)

Yeni [yei] (A language of Cameroon)

Yetfa [yet] (A language of Indonesia)

Yitha Yitha [xth] (A language of Australia)

Note:  Languages and language groups preceded by a dagger (†) are extinct.

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