Creoles and Pidgins

全世界的克里奥 尔语及皮钦


Creole (93)

- Afrikaans based (2)

Flaaitaal (A language of South Africa)

Oorlams (A language of South Africa)

- Arabic based (3)

Arabic, Babalia Creole  (A language of Chad)

Arabic, Sudanese Creole   (A language of South Sudan)

Nubi  (A language of Uganda)

- Assamese based (1)

Naga Pidgin  (A language of India)

- Dutch based (5)

Berbice Creole Dutch   (A language of Guyana)

Javindo   (A language of Indonesia)

Negerhollands   (A language of U.S. Virgin Islands)

Petjo  (A language of Indonesia)

Skepi Creole Dutch (A language of Guyana)

- English based (33)

Saramaccan  (A language of Suriname)

- Atlantic (24)

- Eastern (12)

Turks and Caicos Creole English  (A language of Turks and Caicos Islands)

- Northern (3)

Afro-Seminole Creole   (A language of Mexico)

Bahamas Creole English  (A language of Bahamas)

Sea Island Creole English (A language of United States)

- Southern (8)

Antigua and Barbuda Creole English   (A language of Antigua and Barbuda)

Bajan [bjs] (A language of Barbados)

Grenadian Creole English   (A language of Grenada)

Guyanese Creole English   (A language of Guyana)

Tobagonian Creole English   (A language of Trinidad and Tobago)

Trinidadian Creole English   (A language of Trinidad and Tobago)

Vincentian Creole English   (A language of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Virgin Islands Creole English  (A language of U.S. Virgin Islands)

- Krio (5)

Equatorial Guinean Pidgin  (A language of Equatorial Guinea)

Ghanaian Pidgin English [gpe] (A language of Ghana)

Krio [kri] (A language of Sierra Leone)

Pidgin, Cameroon [wes] (A language of Cameroon)

Pidgin, Nigerian [pcm] (A language of Nigeria)

- Suriname (3)

Sranan Tongo [srn] (A language of Suriname)

- Ndyuka (2)

Aukan [djk] (A language of Suriname)

Kwinti [kww] (A language of Suriname)

- Western (4)

Belize Kriol English [bzj] (A language of Belize)

Islander Creole English [icr] (A language of Colombia)

Jamaican Creole English [jam] (A language of Jamaica)

Nicaragua Creole English [bzk] (A language of Nicaragua)

- Pacific (8)

Bislama [bis] (A language of Vanuatu)

Hawai’i Pidgin [hwc] (A language of United States)

Kriol [rop] (A language of Australia)

Ngatik Men’s Creole [ngm] (A language of Micronesia)

Pijin [pis] (A language of Solomon Islands)

Pitcairn-Norfolk [pih] (A language of Norfolk Island)

Tok Pisin [tpi] (A language of Papua New Guinea)

Torres Strait Creole [tcs] (A language of Australia)

- French based (11)

Guadeloupean Creole French [gcf] (A language of Guadeloupe)

Guianese Creole French [gcr] (A language of French Guiana)

Haitian Creole [hat] (A language of Haiti)

Karipuna Creole French [kmv] (A language of Brazil)

Louisiana Creole [lou] (A language of United States)

Morisyen [mfe] (A language of Mauritius)

Réunion Creole French [rcf] (A language of Reunion)

Saint Lucian Creole French [acf] (A language of Saint Lucia)

San Miguel Creole French [scf] (A language of Panama)

Seychelles Creole French [crs] (A language of Seychelles)

Tayo [cks] (A language of New Caledonia)

- German based (1)

Unserdeutsch [uln] (A language of Papua New Guinea)

- Hindi based (1)

Andaman Creole Hindi [hca] (A language of India)

- Iberian based (1)

Papiamentu [pap] (A language of Curaçao)

- Kongo based (2)

Kituba [mkw] (A language of Congo (Brazzaville))

Kituba [ktu] (A language of Congo (Kinshasa))

- Malay based (14)

Betawi [bew] (A language of Indonesia)

Indonesian, Peranakan [pea] (A language of Indonesia)

Malaccan Creole Malay [ccm] (A language of Malaysia)

Malay, Ambonese [abs] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, Baba [mbf] (A language of Singapore)

Malay, Balinese [mhp] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, Banda [bpq] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, Cocos Islands [coa] (A language of Cocos (Keeling) Islands)

Malay, Kupang [mkn] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, Larantuka [lrt] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, Manado [xmm] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, North Moluccan [max] (A language of Indonesia)

Malay, Papuan [pmy] (A language of Indonesia)

Sri Lankan Creole Malay [sci] (A language of Sri Lanka)

- Ngbandi based (2)

Sango [sag] (A language of Central African Republic)

Sango, Riverain [snj] (A language of Central African Republic)

- Portuguese based (13)

Angolar [aoa] (A language of Sao Tome and Principe)

Cafundo Creole [ccd] (A language of Brazil)

Crioulo, Upper Guinea [pov] (A language of Guinea-Bissau)

Fa d’Ambu [fab] (A language of Equatorial Guinea)

Indo-Portuguese [idb] (A language of India)

Kabuverdianu [kea] (A language of Cape Verde)

Korlai Creole Portuguese [vkp] (A language of India)

Macanese [mzs] (A language of Macao S.A.R., China)

Malaccan Creole Portuguese [mcm] (A language of Malaysia)

Pidgin, Timor [tvy] (A language of Timor-Leste)

Principense [pre] (A language of Sao Tome and Principe)

Sãotomense [cri] (A language of Sao Tome and Principe)

Ternateño [tmg] (A language of Indonesia)

- Spanish based (2)

Chavacano [cbk] (A language of Philippines)

Palenquero [pln] (A language of Colombia)

- Swahili based (1)

Cutchi-Swahili [ccl] (A language of Tanzania)

- Tetun based (1)

Tetun Dili [tdt] (A language of Timor-Leste)


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