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Sarang Lang

Sarang Lang is a Malay dialect related to Palembang Malay, spoken in one large village about 80 km southeast of the city of Palembang. Like the Palembang dialect, it shows very strong signs of an early Javanese influence. This influence manifests itself mostly in the lexicon, leading to the hypothesis that it is the result of a strong superstratum influence. A study of the village's oral history, as well as written sources, verify this. The village was apparently established as the fiefdom of a noble Javanese family from Palembang, and over time the Malay villagers adopted many lexical items from their Javanese overlords. The use of Javanese has long disappeared from the village, but its language is still peppered with hundreds, if not thousands of Javanese loanwords, including many core vocabulary items such as body parts and basic verbs.

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