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Book of Stories

This book is a collection of 15 stories presenting local knowledge, cultural traditions, legends, moral tales, and simple recollections of daily life of the Kenyah Òma Lóngh and Lebu' Kulit people. These stories are widely known among the Kenyah, and this book is the first attempt to reduce them to writing. With these stories, this book aims not only to preserve a rich oral tradition which is on the verge of disappearance, but also to open the doors of literacy to its speakers. The printing of this book will hopefully strengthen the future of the Kenyah languages, by allowing them to be studied and read in schools for the first time. These stories can also be enjoyed by a wider audience through the English and Indonesian translations and glossaries, helping to introduce others to their stories and language.

The book is downloadable as two pdf files:
Part 1 (880 KB) & Part 2 (1.84 MB)


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