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Jakarta Field Station > Projects > Acquisition > Database > Sample Texts > PIT

Sample Text - PIT

Session date:17 Apr 1999
Audio clip:Not available
Child's code:PIT
Child's age:4;4
More info:Target Children
Situation:Talking and sitting on the bed
in the early evening at EXP's house.
Speaker codes:CHI = Child (PIT)
EXP = Experimenter (Like)
Other codes:%glo = interlinear gloss
%eng = free translation into English
%com = comments specific to the record

Note: The original database also includes a phonetic transcription line. It is omitted here for technical reasons.

*CHI Ipit kalau malem-malem jam tujuh...
%glo Ipit TOP RED-night hour seven
%eng at seven at night, I usually...

*CHI Ipit mau bobok, takut.
%glo Ipit want sleep fear
%eng I want to go to sleep because I'm scared.

*CHI di dalam... di dalam... siang-siang udah nggak ada.
%glo LOC inside LOC inside RED-daytime PFCT NEG exist
%eng inside... inside... by daytime it's gone.

*CHI di dalam udah pulang.
%glo LOC inside PFCT return
%eng it's inside, it's home already.

*CHI kalau jam tujuh malem-malem ada.
%glo KALAU hour seven RED-night exist
%eng but at seven at night, it'll be back.

*CHI di dalem... di dalem... kalo itunya ditutup...
%glo LOC inside LOC inside TOP that-NYA DI-close
%eng in... in... if that's closed...
%com 'that' = window

*CHI kan siang-siang kan udah nggak ada.
%glo KAN RED-daytime KAN PFCT NEG exist
%eng by daytime it's gone.

*EXP suka nakutin orang, nggak, itu hantunya?
%glo like N-scared-IN person NEG that ghost-NYA
%eng does the ghost like to scare people?

*CHI nakutin.
%glo N-scared-IN
%eng yes.

*EXP kalo gitu nanti malem tidur aja.
%glo TOP like.that later night lie.down only
%eng in that case, when it's night, just go to sleep.

*EXP biar nggak ditakutin hantu, ya.
%glo let NEG DI-fear-IN ghost yes
%eng so that you don't get scared , okay.
%com = if you're asleep, the ghost can't scare you.

*CHI kan hantunya... kan rumah Amanda...
%glo KAN ghost-NYA KAN house Amanda
%eng the ghosts... Amanda's house...

*CHI duduk-duduk, duduk di pohon.
%glo RED-sit sit LOC tree
%eng they sit around, they sit in the tree.

*CHI kan... kan rumah Amanda kan...
%glo KAN...KAN house Amanda KAN
%eng Amanda's house is...

*CHI kalo deket-deket kan...
%glo TOP RED-close KAN
%eng if they're close...

*CHI giginya kan panjang.
%glo tooth-NYA KAN long
%eng their teeth are long.

*CHI kalo lewatin... kalo lewatin...
%glo TOP TOP
%eng if you go by... if you go by...

*CHI kan ke rumah Amanda, Ipit...
%glo KAN to house Amanda Ipit
%eng I went to Amanda's house, I...

*CHI malem-malem jam tujuh.
%glo RED-night hour seven
%eng at seven at night.

*EXP terus?
%glo continue
%eng and then?

*CHI terus dikasi kaset yang Bolo-bolo.
%glo continue DI-give cassette REL Bolo-bolo
%eng then I got the 'Bolo-bolo' cassette.
%com 'Bolo-Bolo' is a children's song.

*EXP terus?
%glo continue
%eng and then?

*CHI terus yang... yang... Ipit kan takut kalau...
%glo continue REL REL Ipit KAN fear TOP
%eng and then the... the...I was afraid that...

*CHI 'udah, Ipit pulang aja, takut ada hantu'.
%glo PFCT Ipit return only fear exist ghost
%eng 'that's it, I'm going home, I'm afraid there'd be ghosts.'
%com quoting herself talking to her friend Amanda.

*EXP terus?
%glo continue
%eng and then?

*CHI terus Ipit... Ipit kan udah masuk,
%glo continue Ipit Ipit KAN PFCT
%eng and then I... I went in already.
%com = I went into my house.

*CHI terus Ipit dikejar-kejar ama hantu.
%glo continue Ipit DI-RED-chase with ghost
%eng then, the ghost chased me.
%com flashback (no chronological order).

*EXP iya... lari nggak?
%glo yes run NEG
%eng right... did you run?

*CHI lari, deket-deket.
%glo run RED-near
%eng yes, close by.
%com = the ghost was close behind.

*CHI hantunya... hantunya kan larinya kan kenceng.
%glo ghost-NYA ghost-NYA KAN run-NYA KAN intense
%eng the ghost... the ghost ran fast.

*EXP hantunya rambutnya panjang, nggak?
%glo ghost-NYA hair-NYA long NEG
%eng did the ghost have long hair?

*CHI tapi ininya pindah ke sini.
%glo but this-NYA move to here
%eng but this moved to here.
%com 1. = the ghost's hair reached down to here. 2. pointing to her knee to show the length of the ghost's hair.

*EXP apanya?
%glo what-NYA
%eng what did?

*CHI bajunya pendek ke sini.
%glo garment-NYA short to here
%eng my dress was this short.
%com pointing to her knee.

*CHI nggak panjang ke sini.
%glo NEG long to here
%eng not this long.
%com pointing to her foot

*EXP oh, cuma segini.
%glo EXCL only SE-this.way
%eng oh, only this long.
%com pointing to the child's knee.

*CHI he-eh.
%glo uh-huh
%eng uh-huh.

*CHI kalo ke sini kan nggak digigit.
%glo TOP to here KAN NEG DI-bite
%eng if it was up to here, I wouldn't be bitten.
%com 1. pointing to her ankle 2. in CHI's imagination, areas covered by her dress cannot get bitten by the ghost.

*CHI kalau ke sini kan kegigit.
%glo TOP to here KAN KE-bite
%eng if it's up to here, I'd get bitten.
%com pointing to her knee.

*CHI kalau ke sini kan nggak digigit.
%glo TOP to here KAN NEG DI-bite
%eng if it was up to here I wouldn't be bitten.
%com pointing to her ankle.

*EXP oh, hantunya rambutnya panjang nggak?
%glo EXCL ghost-NYA hair-NYA long NEG
%eng did the ghost have long hair?

*CHI panjang.
%glo long
%eng yes.

*CHI hantunya kan galak.
%glo ghost-NYA KAN fierce
%eng the ghost was fierce.

*EXP galak? laki apa perempuan?
%glo fierce male what female
%eng oh yeah? was it male or female?

*CHI kayak Opi, laki.
%glo like Opi male
%eng like Opi, male.

*EXP laki-laki, oh.
%glo RED-male
%eng oh, I see.

*CHI itu laki-lakinya... perempuan di rumah Opi.
%glo that RED-male-NYA female LOC house Opi
%eng the male one... the female one is at Opi's house.
%com correcting herself.

*CHI terus lakinya di rumah Amanda.
%glo continue male-NYA LOC house Amanda
%eng and the male one is at Amanda's house.

*EXP oh, dua hantunya?
%glo EXCL two ghost-NYA
%eng oh, there are two ghosts?

*EXP di rumah Dika juga?
%glo LOC house Dika also
%eng at Dika's house too?

*CHI Dika kan anak kecil.
%glo Dika KAN child small
%eng Dika is a little girl.

*CHI itu kan anaknya, di rumah Dika.
%glo that KAN child-NYA LOC house Dika
%eng so those are the ghost's kids, at Dika's house.

*CHI kakak... kakaknya di rumah Ipit.
%glo elder.sibling elder.sibling-NYA LOC house Ipit
%eng the older brother is in my house.

*CHI neneknya... neneknya di rumah Oom Adil.
%glo grandmother-NYA grandmother-NYA LOC house Uncle Adil
%eng the grandmother is at Uncle Adil's house.

*CHI terus... terus yang satunya di rumah Ayu.
%glo continue continue REL one-NYA LOC house Ayu
%eng and... and the other one at Ayu's house.

*CHI di rumah Ayu, deket.
%glo LOC house Ayu near
%eng at Ayu's house, nearby.

*CHI deket rumah Oom Adil.
%glo close house Uncle Adil
%eng near Uncle Adil's house.

*CHI takut.
%glo fear
%eng I'm scared.

*CHI kan kalau di pohon kan...
%glo KAN TOP LOC tree KAN
%eng if it's in a tree...

*CHI kalau di dalem kan itu...
%glo TOP LOC inside KAN that
%eng if it is inside that...

*CHI kalau pintunya dibuka kan masuk.
%glo TOP door-NYA DI-open KAN
%eng if someone opened the door, it would come in.

*EXP berarti, pintunya harus ditutup.
%glo BER-mean door-NYA should DI-close
%eng so the door should be shut.

*CHI jendelanya harus ditutup, biar nggak masuk.
%glo window-NYA should DI-close let NEG
%eng the window should be shut, so it doesn't come in.

*CHI pintunya juga.
%glo door-NYA also
%eng the door too.

*CHI harus dikunci, harus dikunci biar nggak masuk.
%glo should DI-lock should DI-lock let NEG
%eng it should be locked, it should be locked so that it doesn't come in.

*CHI pintunya harus dikunci.
%glo door-NYA should DI-lock
%eng the door should be locked.

*CHI terus biar nggak masuk, terus bobok.
%glo continue let NEG continue sleep
%eng so that it doesn't come in, and I can sleep.

*CHI biar nggak diseremin setan.
%glo let NEG DI-scary-IN demon
%eng so that the demons don't haunt me.

*EXP terus kalo Mbak Indri mau belajar, gimana?
%glo continue TOP EPIT Indri want BER-teach how
%eng how about if Indri wants to study?

*CHI dikunci juga, jendelanya ditutup.
%glo DI-lock also window-NYA DI-close
%eng it has to be locked too, and the window closed.

*EXP nggak apa-apa, meskipun nggak bobok?
%glo NEG RED-what although NEG sleep
%eng doesn't it matter if you don't sleep?

*CHI pasti nggak diseremin, deh.
%glo sure NEG DI-scary-IN DEH
%eng I won't be haunted for sure.

*CHI tapi kalau 'tut-tut-tut' baru bunyi...
%glo but TOP IMIT new sound
%eng but if it goes 'toot-toot-toot' and then makes sounds...

*CHI baru dikunci, biar nggak masuk.
%glo new DI-lock let NEG
%eng then lock it so that it doesn't come in.

*EXP oh gitu, berarti harus dikunci, ya?
%glo EXCL like.that BER-meaning should DI-lock yes
%eng oh I see, so it has to be locked, right?

*EXP berarti banyak hantunya, ya?
%glo BER-meaning a.lot ghost-NYA yes
%eng so there are many ghosts, right?

*EXP di rumah siapa aja tadi?
%glo LOC house who just earlier?
%eng to whose houses have you been today?

*CHI di rumah Oom Adil, Ayu, Dika, Pipit, Opi.
%glo LOC house Uncle Adil Ayu Dika Pipit Opi
%eng to Uncle Adil's, Ayu's, Dika's, Pipit's, and Opi's.

*EXP berarti ada berapa?
%glo BER-meaning exist how.much
%eng so, how many are there?
%com =how many ghosts

*CHI satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima.
%glo one two three four five
%eng one, two, three, four, five.

*EXP banyak banget, takut aku!
%glo a.lot very fear 1SG
%eng so many, I'm scared!

*EXP Pipit takut, nggak?
%glo Pipit fear NEG
%eng are you scared ?

*CHI takut.
%glo fear
%eng yes.

*EXP tapi kalo berdoa, hantunya takut, nggak?
%glo but TOP BER-prayer ghost-NYA fear NEG
%eng how about if you pray, will the ghosts be scared?

*CHI kalo berdoa, hantunya turun.
%glo TOP BER-prayer ghost-NYA go.down
%eng if we pray, the ghosts will come down.
%com = the ghost will come down from the trees.

*CHI mo pulang, takut pada.
%glo want return fear PL
%eng they'll go home, all scared.
%com **takut pada: grammatical word order 'pada takut'

*CHI pusing.
%glo dizzy
%eng dizzy.
%com still referring to the ghosts.

*CHI kalo ibuk-ibuknya banyak, pusing.
%glo TOP RED-mother-NYA a.lot dizzy
%eng if there are many mommies, they'll get dizzy.
%com CHI is referring to an exorcising ritual, whereby women get together and pray to drive away evil spirits.

*EXP berarti kalo ada hantu, Pipit berdoa aja.
%glo BER-meaning TOP exist ghost Pipit BER-prayer just
%eng so if there are any ghosts, just pray.

*CHI kalo keluar kan selalu didoain.
%glo TOP go.out KAN always DI-prayer-IN
%eng someone always says a prayer for me when I go out.

*CHI kalo didoain kan...
%glo TOP DI-prayer-IN KAN
%eng if someone prays for you...

*CHI ditut-tut, digituin dulu, ya?
%glo DI-IMIT DI-like.this-IN first yes
%eng they'll 'toot-toot' me, they'll go like this to me, see?
%com changing subject and talking about the ghosts again.

*CHI terus bunyi 'hi-hi-hi'
%glo continue sound IMIT
%eng then they'll go 'hee-hee-hee'.

*CHI terus Pipit...
%glo continue Pipit
%eng then I...

*EXP terus Pipit gimana?
%glo continue Pipit how
%eng then you what?

*CHI Pipit... Pipit kan gigit.
%glo Pipit Pipit KAN bite
%eng I... I got bitten.
%com **gigit: grammatically 'digigit' or 'kegigit'.

*CHI yang satunya kan galak.
%glo REL one-NYA KAN fierce
%eng the other one is fierce.

*CHI bapaknya kan galak.
%glo father-NYA KAN fierce
%eng the father is fierce.

*CHI ibuknya nggak galak, di rumah Opi.
%glo mother-NYA NEG fierce LOC house Opi
%eng the mother, in Opi's house, is not fierce.

*CHI Pipit ke rumah Opi...
%glo Pipit to house Opi
%eng I went to Opi's house...

*CHI terus Pipit: 'putih-putih apaan itu?'
%glo continue Pipit RED-white what-an that
%eng and then I thought: 'what's that white thing?'

*CHI 'setan mukanya.'
%glo demon face-NYA
%eng 'it looks like a demon'.

*CHI Ipit kan ke rumah Opi.
%glo Ipit KAN to house Opi
%eng I went to Opi's house.

*CHI mukanya item, hidungnya item, terus ininya... rambutnya item, ininya... terus ininya putih, ininya item-item.
%glo face-NYA black nose-NYA black continue this-NYA hair-NYA black this-NYA continue this-NYa white this-NYA RED-black
%eng its face was black, its nose was black, it's umm... hair was black, umm... this part was white, and this one black.

*CHI pada takut, anak-anak kecil.
%glo PL fear RED-child little.
%eng all scared, the little kids.

*CHI anak kecil kalau dilewatin kan pada digigit.
%glo child little TOP KAN PL DI-bite
%eng little kids, if they go by, they get bitten.

*CHI Ipit kan ke rumah Opi... terus itu jam berapa ya?
%glo Ipit KAN to house Opi continue that hour how.much yes
%eng I went to Opi's house... what time was it?

*CHI jam tujuh, lha kok, kan jam tujuh kan Ipit ke rumah Amanda.
%glo hour seven EXCL KOK KAN hour seven KAN Ipit to house Amanda
%eng seven o'clock, yes indeed, at seven I went to Amanda's house.
%com 'lha kok' is a very adult-like Javanese expression.

*CHI 'Amanda, Amanda, kaset yang Joshua mana?'
%glo Amanda Amanda cassette REL Joshua which
%eng 'Amanda, Amanda, where's the Joshua cassette?'
%com 1. quoting herself. 2. Joshua is an Indonesian child singer.

*CHI lha kok, itu apaan yang putih-putih, mukanya item... serem!
%glo EXCL KOK that what-AN REL RED-white face-NYA scary
%eng 'good heavens, what's that white thing, its face is black... how scary!'
%com quoting herself.

*EXP terus gimana?
%glo continue how
%eng what happenned next?

*CHI kan larinya kan kenceng.
%glo KAN run-NYA KAN intense
%eng I ran away fast.

*EXP kenapa larinya?
%glo why run-NYA
%eng why did they run?
%com EXP thought CHI was talking about the ghosts.

*CHI terbang bisa.
%glo fly can
%eng they can fly.
%com **terbang bisa: usual word order 'bisa terbang'.

*CHI di jendela kan... di jendela kan juga bisa terbang.
%glo LOC window KAN LOC window KAN also can fly
%eng they also can fly through the window.

*CHI ditutup aja, biar nggak masuk.
%glo DI-close only let NEG come-in
%eng let's shut it, so they don't come in.

*EXP berarti di rumah Amanda ada hantunya juga?
%glo BER-meaning LOC house Amanda exist ghost-NYA also
%eng so there are ghosts at Amanda's house too?

*CHI he-em, banyak hantunya.
%glo uh-huh a.lot ghost-NYA
%eng uh-huh, lots of ghosts.

*EXP di rumah Ipit juga ada?
%glo LOC house Ipit also exist
%eng are there any in your house, too?

*CHI ada, di pohon Ipit.
%glo exist LOC tree Ipit
%eng yes, in my plant..
%com 'pohon' is usually translated as 'tree', but can in fact refer to other plants.

*EXP pohon apa?
%glo tree what
%eng which plant?

*CHI pohon belimbing.
%glo tree starfruit
%eng the starfruit plant.
%com a fruit-bearing vine.

*EXP oh, pohon belimbing.
%glo EXCL tree starfruit
%eng oh, I see.

*CHI itu duduk-duduk di pohon belimbing.
%glo that RED-seat LOC tree starfruit
%eng they sit around in the starfruit plant.

*CHI tapi siang-siang nggak ada.
%glo but RED-daytime NEG exist
%eng but they are gone at daytime.

*CHI siang-siang, jam gini, kan udah nggak ada.
%glo RED-daytime hour like.this KAN PFCT NEG exist
%eng at daytime, around this time, they're gone already.

*CHI kalau malem-malem ada.
%glo kalau RED-night exist
%eng at night they come out.

*EXP ibu bisa liat, nggak?
%glo mother can see NEG
%eng can your mom see them?

*CHI ibu kan kalau dikunci tapi takut hantunya.
%glo mom KAN TOP DI-lock but fear ghost-NYA
%eng Mom if it's locked but the ghosts are scared.
%com ** ungrammatical concatenation of words.

*EXP terus?
%glo continue
%eng and then?

*CHI hantunya kan kaget kalau ada orang.
%glo ghost-NYA KAN startled TOP exist person
%eng the ghosts get startled if there are people around.

*CHI hantunya manggil-manggil: 'Amanda, Amanda!'
%glo ghost-NYA RED-N-call Amanda Amanda
%eng the ghosts call out: 'Amanda, Amanda!'

*CHI eh, Amanda bangun, putih-putih kan.
%glo EXCL Amanda rise RED-white KAN
%eng hey, Amanda wakes up, it was white
%com =Amanda wakes up, and sees the white ghost.

*CHI kata Amanda kan: 'Mama, Mama, itu setan!'
%glo word Amanda KAN mommy mommy that demon
%eng she says 'Mama, Mama, it's a ghost!'

*EXP terus gimana?
%glo continue how
%eng what happened next?

*CHI terus... terus kan ilang, terus ditangkep polisi.
%glo continue continue KAN disappear continue DI-catch police
%eng then... then they disappeared, then the police caught them.

*CHI polisinya kan takut ama setan, kalau ditut-tut-tut, digituin 'hi-hi-hi'.
%glo police-NYA KAN fear with demon TOP DI-IMIT DI-that.way-IN IMIT
%eng the police are scared of ghosts, if they go 'toot-toot-toot' and 'hee-hee-hee'.

*CHI di dalem kan udah nggak ada.
%glo LOC inside KAN PFCT NEG exist
%eng inside they're gone.
%com = once inside Amanda's house, there are no ghosts.

*CHI kalau pulang kan 'tut-tut' gituin lagi.
%glo TOP return KAN tut... tut like.that-IN again
%eng if I go home they go 'toot-toot' like that to me again.
%com = but when I go home, the ghosts go 'toot-toot' again.

*CHI terus nggak ada 'hi-hi-hi'.
%glo continue NEG exist IMIT
%eng then there's no more 'hee-hee-hee'.
%com = when I'm home, the ghosts can't scare me by going 'hee-hee- hee' anymore.

*EXP sekarang masih ada, nggak?
%glo now still exist NEG
%eng are they out there now?

*CHI nggak.
%glo NEG
%eng no.

*EXP terus entar malem ada, nggak?
%glo continue moment night exist NEG
%eng how about later tonight?

*CHI jam delapan nggak ada.
%glo hour eight NEG exist
%eng by eight they're gone.

*CHI kalau jam tujuh, ada.
%glo TOP hour seven exist
%eng at seven they're still around.

*CHI datengnya... datengnya jam tujuh.
%glo come-NYA come-NYA hour seven
%eng they come around seven.

*EXP Mbak Indri pernah liat nggak hantunya?
%glo EPIT Indri ever see NEG ghost-NYA
%eng has Indri ever seen any ghosts?

*CHI nggak pernah, belajar melulu.
%glo NEG ever BER-teach always
%eng no, all she ever does is study.

*CHI kalau keluar kan diituin ama hantu.
%glo TOP go-out KAN DI-that-IN with ghost
%eng if she did go out, the ghosts would do that to her.

*EXP kalo Pipit berani nggak main malem-malem?
%glo TOP Pipit dare NEG play RED-night
%eng do you dare play at night?
%com = play outside.

*CHI maen ke rumah Amanda?
%glo play to house Amanda
%eng go to Amanda's house?
%com main 'play', main ke X 'go to X for a visit'.

*EXP he-em.
%glo uh-huh
%eng uh-huh.

*CHI nggak.
%glo NEG
%eng no.

*CHI kalau di rumah Mbak Lilin kan kan nengok-nengok.
%glo TOP LOC house EPIT Lilin KAN KAN RED-N-look
%eng when I go to Lilin's house I keep looking around.
%com = to make sure there are no ghosts.

*CHI itu kan... itu kan... yang mamanya kan ada dua.
%glo that KAN that KAN REL mother-NYA KAN exist two
%eng she... she... she's the one who has two mommies.

*CHI yang satu itu Mama Vita, yang satu di rumah... rumah sapa tuh... di rumah yang dipotong rambut.
%glo REL one that mommy Vita REL one LOC house... house who that house REL DI-cut hair
%eng one of them is Vita, the other one is at.... where was that... the place where they cut hair.

*CHI terus banyak banget rumahnya.
%glo continue a.lot very house-NYA
%eng they have lots of houses.

*CHI di rumah... di rumah Bu Daliyat ada setannya.
%glo LOC house LOC house TRU-mother Daliyat exist demon-NYA
%eng at... at Mrs. Daliyat's house there are ghosts.

*CHI semuanya ada setannya.
%glo all-NYA exist demon-NYA
%eng everyone has ghosts.

*EXP oh banyak, ya?
%glo EXCL a.lot yes
%eng so many, eh?

*EXP di rumah Opi ada juga katanya, ya?
%glo LOC house Opi exist also word-NYA yes
%eng they say there are some at Opi's house, right?

*CHI kalo di rumah Opi vampir, kalo di rumah Ipit pocong, kalo di rumah Dika vampir dua.
%glo TOP LOC house Opi vampire TOP LOC house Ipit k.o.ghost TOP LOC house Dika vampire two
%eng the one at Opi's house is a vampire, the one at my house is a 'pocong', and at Dika's house there are two vampires.
%com 'pocong' is a kind of ghost known for leaping.

*CHI kalo di rumah Ipit pocongnya ada dua.
%glo TOP LOC house Ipit k.o.ghost-NYA exist two
%eng at my house there are two 'pocong'.

*CHI di rumah Dika adanya satu... eh dua.
%glo LOC house Dika exist-NYA one EXCL two.
%eng at Dika's house there's one... wait, two.
%com correcting herself.

*CHI di rumah Mbak Lilin, satu.
%glo LOC house EPIT Lilin one
%eng at Lilin's house, one.

*CHI di rumah Ita, satu.
%glo LOC house Ita one
%eng at Ita's house, one.

*CHI di rumah... Bu Daliyat, satu.
%glo LOC house TRU-mother Daliyat one
%eng at... Mrs. Daliyat's house, one.

*CHI di rumah Ipit, dua.
%glo LOC house Ipit two
%eng at my house, two.

*CHI terus di situ, empat.
%glo continue LOC there four
%eng and over there, four.
%com pointing to the tree outside the window.

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