Online sound recordings, photos, maps, frequently-asked questions, interesting facts about the language, origins, history, regional differences, speakers and status, how and where to learn Quechua, spelling, grammar, etc..  Intended for general readers, plus specialist sections for linguists.

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  Learn basic Cuzco Quechua on iPhone, iTouch, iPad or your computer



About Quechua – Introduction Pages

Introduction to the Indigenous Languages of Latin America

Exploding the Popular Myths About Quechua

What is Quechua Like?  – A First Look at the Language

The Sounds of the Andean Languages

Listen to and compare pronunciations by speakers of Quechua and Aymara from across the Andes,
see photos of them and how and where they live, understand how Quechua got there and where it came from.





Language and Linguistics

Main Points of Interest for Linguists

Some Intriguing Aspects of Quechua

A Comparative Study of Andean Languages

Quechua Word Structure Sample Texts

full clickable analysis of the structure of Quechua words for three short texts


see also:  What is Quechua Like?

for specific information on the sociolinguistics and historical/comparative linguistics of Quechua, see the boxes below



Reference & Links

Links to the Best Quechua Websites

Quechua Events & Fiestas

Radio in Quechua


Quechua Bibliographies

Theme-by-Theme, with Reviews

or   Full Alphabetical Index



also, on its way, reference info on  people and institutions doing research on Quechua:

Who’s Who in Quechua Linguistics?



Learn Quechua

  Learn basic Cuzco Quechua
 on iPhone,
iTouch, iPad or computer

So You Want to Learn Quechua?

including:  Is It Easy?
Learning in the Andes
Learning in Europe and USA


see also: 
Coursebooks, Phrasebooks,
Dictionaries and Grammars
on the Bibliography Page


see also:

Too Much Spanish in Your Quechua?

History & ‘Dialects’

See our new and extensive answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about this at:

Origins and Diversity of Quechua


Overview of Main Issues

in Quechua Comparative and Historical Linguistics


Map of Quechua Dialects

The Quechua Family Tree


see also, on the  ‘Introduction’ page: 
History of the Andean Languages


and on the  ‘What is Quechua Like?’ page:
Relationships with Other Languages



Social Status

Overview of Main Issues

in Quechua Sociolinguistics


Will Quechua Survive?


see also, on the  ‘Introduction’ page: 
Who Speaks Quechua?, The Old World Meets the New, Social Situation Today, and Survival of Indigenous Languages



Popular – and Damaging – Myths About Quechua


Hot Issues in Quechua

including especially:
Three Vowels or Five?

The View from Down Under


Too Much Spanish in Your Quechua?


also on its way, reference info on the true original – not Hispanicised – spellings of

Quechua Names:  Places and People





These pages were written by Paul Heggarty, a linguist with a Ph.D. in comparative linguistics from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

They reflect purely personal views and not the views of any organisation.

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