Language name and location: Xiandao, Yunnan province, China [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区仙岛语 (Chintau), 云南省德宏傣族景頗族自治州盈江县


1. ta31

21.  ta31 sau55 ta21

2. sɤk55

22.  ta31 sau55 sɤk55

3. sum31

23.  ta31 sau55 sum31

4. mi55

24.  ta31 sau55 mi55

5. ŋɔ31

25.  ta31 sau55 ŋɔ31

6. chuʔ55

26.  ta31 sau55 chuʔ55

7. nit55

27.  ta31 sau55 nit55

8. çɛt55

28.  ta31 sau55 çɛt55

9. kau31

29.  ta31 sau55 kau31

10. ta31 tsʰi55

30.  sum31 tsʰi55

11. sip55 ɛt13  < Tai language

40.  mi55 tsʰi55

12. sip55 sɔŋ55

50.  ŋɔ31 tsʰi55

13. sip55 sam55

60.  chuʔ55 tsʰi55 

14. sip55 si55

70.  nit55 tsʰi55

15. sip55 xa31

80.  çɛt55 tsʰi55

16. sip55 xoʔ31

90.  kau31 tsʰi55 

17. sip55 tsɛt55

100. tă31 pak35 <Chinese

18. sip55 pɛt55

200. sɤk55 pak35

19. sip55 kau31

1000. tă31 çɛŋ51 <Chinese

20. ta31 sau55 < Tai language

2000. sɤk55 çɛŋ51


Linguist providing data and dateː Prof. Dai Qingxia, Minzu University of China, Beijing, China, July 10, 1998.

供资料的语言学家: 戴庆厦教授 (中央民族大学), 1998 年 7 月 10 日.


Other comments:  Xiandao or Chintau has a decimal system. Xiandao borrow Tai numerals from 11 to 20, the numbers higher than twenty are formed by mixing indigenous terms with Tai numerals. The Xiandao language (Xiandao: Chintau [kʰan³¹tau³¹]; Chinese: 仙岛) is an endangered Burmish language spoken by approximately 40-70 speakers of the Xiandao people who live at the border area between Myanmar and Yunnan, China. It is closely related to the Achang language and is considered by many scholars to be an Achang dialect, due to similarities in syntax and vocabulary. This is one way in which Xiandao can be described. The second is as an independent language due to the social and cultural differences between the Xiandao and Achang people.  Xiandao is a minority language spoken in Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province, China near the border of Myanmar.


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