Language name and locationː Tunni, Middle Juba, Somalia [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区通尼语,  索马里南部中朱巴州及附近地区


1. ków

21.  labaatón i ków *

2. lámma

22.  labaatón i lámma

3. síddiʔ

23.  labaatón i síddiʔ

4. áfar

24.  labaatón i áfar

5. ʃán

25.  labaatón i ʃán

6. líʔ

26.  labaatón i líʔ

7. toddóbo

27.  labaatón i toddóbo

8. siyéed

28.  labaatón i siyéed

9. saɡáal

29.  labaatón i saɡáal

10. tómon

30.  sóddon

11. tómon i ków  *

40.  áffartón

12. tómon i lámma

50.  kóntón

13. tómon i síddiʔ

60.  lihdón

14. tómon i áfar

70.  toddobátan

15. tómon i ʃán

80.  siyyéetan

16. tómon i líʔ

90.  saɡáaʃan

17. tómon i toddóbo

100. boqol

18. tómon i siyéed


19. tómon i saɡáal

1000. kún

20. labaatón



Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Mauro Tosco, Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples ( Eastern University of Naples), Italy, August 20, 2007

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Mauro Tosco, 2007 年 7 月 20 日.


Other comments: Tunni has a decimal system nearly identical with Somali. The actual forms for the compound numbers need checking with updated data. Tunni sometime is regarded as a dialect of Somali.

Tunni (also known as Af-Tunni) is a Somali language spoken by about 214,000 Tunni who reside in the Lower Shebelle, Middle Juba, Lower Juba and part of Bay regions in southern Somalia. The language is typically classified among the Digil group of Somali languages. Tunni is distinct from Somali, with a different phonology and sentence structure.