Language name and locationː Tachelhit, High Atlas, Morocco [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区塔车里特 (南部施卢赫语), 摩洛哥中部高阿特拉斯山脈地区


1. yan

21.  ˤaʃrin d yan

2. sin

22.  ˤaʃrin d sin

3. kradˤ

23.  ˤaʃrin d kradˤ

4. kozˤ

24.  ˤaʃrin d kozˤ

5. smːus

25.  ˤaʃrin d smːus

6. sdˤis

26.  ˤaʃrin d sdˤis

7. sa

27.  ˤaʃrin d sa

8. tam

28.  ˤaʃrin d tam

9. tzˤa

29.  ˤaʃrin d zˤa

10. mraw

30.  ˤaʃrin d mraw (20 + 10)

11. yan d mraw

40.  sini d  ˤaʃrin (2 x 20)

12. sin d mraw 

50.  sini d  ˤaʃrin d mraw

13. kradˤ d mraw 

60.  kradˤ id ˤaʃrin (3 x 20)

14. kozˤ d mraw 

70.  kradˤ id ˤaʃrin a mraw

15. smːus d mraw 

80.  kozˤ id ˤaʃrin (4 x 20)

16. sdˤis d mraw 

90.  kozˤ id ˤaʃrin d mraw

17. sa d mraw 

100. smːus id ˤaʃrin (5 x 20)

18. tam d mraw 

200. snat id miya (miya <Arabic )

19. zˤa d mraw 

1000. mrawt id miya (10 x 100) / alf <Ar.

20. ˤaʃrin <Arabic



Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Moha Ennaji, University of Fes, Morocco, April 20, 1999.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Moha Ennaji, 1999 年 4 月 20 日.


Other comments: Tachelhit or Southern Shilha has a vigesimal system mixing with Berber numerals with Arabic borrowings.

Tachelhit is a Berber language spoken by more than seven million people in southwestern Morocco. Anthropologists and historians prefer the name "Shilha",

Shilha is spoken in an area covering c. 100,000 square kilometres, making the language area approximately the size of Iceland, or the US state of Kentucky. The area comprises the western part of the High Atlas mountains and the regions to the south up to the Draa River, including the Anti-Atlas and the alluvial basin of the Souss River. The largest urban centres in the area are the coastal city of Agadir (population over 400,000) and the towns of Guelmim, Taroudant, Oulad Teima, Tiznit and Ouarzazate. In the north and to the south, Shilha borders Arabic-speaking areas. In the northeast, roughly along the line Demnate-Zagora, there is a dialect continuum with Central Atlas Tamazight. Within the Shilha-speaking area, there are several Arabic-speaking enclaves, notably the town of Taroudant and its surroundings. Substantial Shilha-speaking migrant communities are found in most of the larger towns and cities of northern Morocco and outside Morocco in Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, the United States and Israel.


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