Language name and locationː Syriem, Assam, India [Not reported to Ethnologue ]

言名称和分布地区: 西里姆, 印度西北部阿萨姆邦


1. ìnkʰə̀t

21.  sòmnîːlɛ̂ŋkʰə̀t

2. pʰə̀nî

22.  sòmnîːlɛ̂pʰə̀nî

3. întʰûm

23.  sòmnîːlɛ̂întʰûm

4. înlîː

24.  sòmnîːlɛ̂înlîː

5. rìŋŋâ

25.  sòmnîːlɛ̂rìŋŋâ

6. kìrùk

26.  sòmnîːlɛ̂kìrùk

7. sə̀rǐː

27.  sòmnîːlɛ̂sə̀rǐː

8. kîrêɪt

28.  sòmnîːlɛ̂kîrêɪt

9. kǒ

29.  sòmnîːlɛ̂kǒ

10. sôːm

30.  sòmtʰûm

11. sòmlɛ̂ŋkʰə̀t

40.  sòmlîː

12. sòmlɛ̂pʰə̀nî

50.  sòmŋâː

13. sòmlɛ̂întʰûm

60.  sòmrûk

14. sòmlɛ̂înlîː

70.  sòmsə̀rîː

15. sòmlɛ̂rìŋŋâ

80.  sòmhrǐːt

16. sòmlɛ̂kìrùk

90.  sòmkûː

17. sòmlɛ̂sə̀rǐː

100. zâː

18. sòmlɛ̂kîrêɪt


19. sòmlɛ̂kô

1000. sǎːŋkʰə̀t

20. sòmnîːʔ



Linguist providing data and dateː Prof. Pauthang Haokip, Assam University, India. November 11, 2011.

供资料的语言学家: Prof. Pauthang Haokip, 2011 年 11 月 11 日.


Other comments: The Syriem numeral system is similar to that of Aimol.  Syriem or Fyriem is a newly discovered language, not yet reported on Ethnologue. The speakers of Syriem are in four villages in Dwarband Bloch of Cachar district (Assam). Nothing is being mentioned about the language by LSI. Two field field trips to reveal that Syriem/Fyriem is spoken by a mixed group of Kuki-Chin tribes, viz. Aimol, Changsen, Chongloi (Thadou), Khochung, Kholang, Hrangkhol, and Tollai, etc. who no longer speak or practice their ancestral language and culture for almost a century. Nothing is known about this language from any of the known sources. It is account of their historical background they come from that they still regarded themselves as Aimol, Thadou, Khochung, Kholhang or Tollai when it comes to their identity. In spite of their past historical attachment, today all of them speak Syriem with their family members as well as with their fellow villagers. Today they number around 500-700 speakers spread across the four villages, viz, Balisor, Noxa (Nengpur), Nagathol, and Syriemkho.


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