Language name and locationː Shasta, California state, USA [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区沙斯塔语, 美国加利福利亚州北部和奧勒岡州西南地区


1. č̕éʔaʔ

2. xúkʼwa

3. xatski

4. irahaya

5. ʔea

6. č̕o-watča       (1+5)

7. xúkʼwa-watča (2+5)

8. xatski-watča   (3+5)

9. irahaya-watča (4+5)

10. e-hewi


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Mark Rosenfelder, The Author of the website "Numbers from 1 to 10 in over 5000 languages", Chicago, USA, October 7 2023.

提供资的语言: Mr. Mark Rosenfelder, 2023 年 10 月 7 日.


Other comments: The Shasta language is an extinct Shastan language formerly spoken from northern California into southwestern Oregon. It was spoken in a number of dialects, possibly including Okwanuchu. By 1980, only two first language speakers, both elderly, were alive. Today, all ethnic Shasta people speak English as their first language. According to Golla, there were four distinct dialects of Shasta.

Shasta has only recorded traditional numerals from 1 to 10 years ago, not sure if they were used a traditional decimal or vigesimal system before, New data for numbers after ten is required.

Shasta has four vowels, /i e a u/, with contrastive length, and two tones: high and low. Shasta vowels can have low or high tones. High tones are marked by an acute accent <′> in the orthography devised by Silver (1966), whereas low tones are left unmarked. Examples for the vowel /u/ are given below:
IPA Orthography
/ú/ ú
/úː/ úˑ
/ù/ u
/ùː/ uˑ