Language name and locationː RendilleMarsabit county, Kenya [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区伦迪勒语, 肯尼亚北部图尔卡纳湖与马萨比特火山之间地区


1. kôːw / ko:kalɖay (isolated form) *

21.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw kôːw

2. lámːa

22.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw lámːa

3. sɛ́jːaħ

23.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw sɛ́jːaħ

4. áfːar

24.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw áfːar

5. t͡ʃán

25.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw t͡ʃán

6. líħ

26.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw líħ

7. tɛːbá

27.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw tɛːbá

8. sijːɛ̂ːt

28.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw sijːɛ̂ːt

9. saːɡáːl

29.  tomón lámːa itʃôːw saːɡáːl

10. tomón

30.  tomón sɛ́jːaħ

11. tomón itʃôːw kôːw

40.  tomón áfːar

12. tomón itʃôːw lámːa

50.  tomón t͡ʃán

13. tomón itʃôːw sɛ́jːaħ

60.  tomón líħ

14. tomón itʃôːw áfːar

70.  tomón tɛːbá

15. tomón itʃôːw t͡ʃán

80.  tomón sijːɛ̂ːt

16. tomón itʃôːw líħ

90.  tomón saːɡáːl

17. tomón itʃôːw tɛːbá 

100. kúɗ / kúɖóː 'one hundred'

18. tomón itʃôːw sijːɛ̂ːt

200. kúɗ lamma

19. tomón itʃôːw saːɡáːl

1000. ɛ́lif / ɛ́lifóː 'one thousand' (ɛ́lif < Sw. )

20. tomón lámːa

2000. ɛ́lif lamma


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Steve Pillinger, Bible Translation & Literacy

(BTL-East Africa), Nairobi, Kenya, September 12, 1995, September 14, 2007,

June 2, 2020 .

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Steve Pillinger, 1995 年 9月 12 日, 2007 年 9 月 14 日

2020 年 6 月 2 日


Other comments: Rendille has a decimal system. Rendille numeral 'one' has two forms. The second one 'ko:kalɖay' is an isolation form, literately means 'only one'. Thousand is a loan from Swahili /Arabic. The IPA symbol 'j' is usually expressed by 'y'. The acute accent indicates high tone, the circumflex falling tone. All other tones are low. Rendille is a Cushitic language spoken by the Rendille people inhabiting in Marsabit and Samburu counties, between Lake Turkana and Marsabit mountain, northern Kenya by approximately 60,000 speaker. The Ariaal sub-group of the Rendille, who are of mixed Nilotic and Cushitic descent, speak the Nilo-Saharan Samburu language of the Samburu Nilotes near whom they live.