Language name and locationː Phangduwali, Kosi province, Nepal [Ref to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区旁杜瓦里语, 尼泊尔东部戈斯省


1. tʰili

2. hicci [hit͡si] ?    c=IPA [t͡s ] ?

3. sumci [sumt͡si] ?


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Ichchha Puma Rai, Lecturer of English Department, Tribhivan University, Dhankuta Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal, February 21, 2013.

供资料的语言学家: Mr. Ichchha Puma Rai, 2013 年 2 月 21 日.


Other comments: Phangduwali or Mugali numerals has only three cardinal numbers but has no ordinal numbers, after three have been replaced by Nepali, but if they have used Nepali loanwords with phonological adaptations or not. Referenceː Rai, Ichchha Purna. 2011. A sociolinguistic analysis of the Mugali/Phangduwali language. A report submitted to NFDIN: Kathmandu. Phangduwali is an endangered language with 290 speakers left in Pakhribas municipality, Muga river headwaters, Dhankuta district, Kosi province, Nepal.


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