Language name and location: Northern Rengma, Manipur, India [Ref to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区: 北部伦马那加语, 印度东北部阿萨姆邦, 马尼普尔邦及那加兰邦


1. kəme

21.  ɲkɪkəme, ɲkɪme

2. keɪhjũ     

22.  ɲkɪkeɪhjũ, ɲkɪhjũ

3. teɪʃen

23.  ɲkɪteɪʃen, ɲkɪʃen

4. pəʤe

24.  ɲkɪpəʤe, ɲkɪʤe

5. ɸʊŋ 

25.  ɲkɪɸʊŋ

6. sərɔ

26.  ɲkɪsərɔ

7. seɲɪ

27.  ɲkɪseɲɪ

8. təssɪ

28.  ɲkɪtəssɪ

9. təkʏ

29.  ɲkɪtəkY

10. sərre

30.  ʃẽnre

11. səreuɡəme

40.  henʤe

12. səreuɡeihjũ

50.  hemɸʊŋ 

13. səreuɡeɪʃen

60.  hensərɔ 

14. səreupəʤe

70.  henseɲɪ

15. səreuɸʊŋ

80.  hentəssɪ

16. səreusərɔ

90.  hentəkʏ  

17. səreuseɲɪ

100. tʃɪme, 200. tʃɪhjũ

18. səreutəssɪ

400. tʃɪdʒʲe, 800. tʃɪtəssɪ

19. səreutəkʏ

1000. ʃemme

20. ɲkɪ

2000. ʃenhju 


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Monali Longmailai, Assistant Professor, Centre for Endangered Languages, Tezpur University, India, with Lucky Talukdar and Mr. Udipta Saikia, November 11, 2018.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Monali Longmailai and and Mr. Udipta Saikia, 2018 年 11 月 11 日.


Other comments: Northern Rengma numeral system is very interesting as it can be seen from the above table. It follows decimal counting system. There is no numeral classifier. Different morphemes are prefixed for counting different units such as sera (10’s), ɲkɪ (20’s), ʃẽnre (30’s), hen/hem (40-80’s), tʃɪ (100’s) and ʃem/ʃen (1000’s). While counting 1-4 from 20’s, both full words as well as shortened forms are used. All the numerals carry low tone.

It is not sure if the Western Rengma is the same with Southern Rengma, Ethnologue has not reported the Western Rengma language, Western Rengma (Terüpvunyu /tərʏɸuɲu/) is spoken in Karbi, Anglong district, Assam, India.

Note the numeral ''2'' (/keɪhjũ/) in Western Rengma is keinhyu according to their spelling convention and the palatalisation of /h/ and nasalisation of /u/ were very clear as verified by the informant. Northern Rengma Naga or Nthenyi is spoken by approximately 13,000 speakers in Kohima district, north Rengma, Nagaland state, northeast India.


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