Language name and location: Lahu Shi, Myanmar, Laos, China [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区黄拉祜语 (Yellow Lahu), 中国云南省, 泰国, 缅甸, 老挝


1. te˥

21.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ te˥

2. ɲi˥

22.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ ɲi˥

3. sʰɛ˥ʔ

23.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ sʰɛ˥ʔ

4. ʔɔ˥

24.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ ʔɔ˥

5. ŋa˥

25.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ ŋa˥

6. kʰɔ˥ʔ

26.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ kʰɔ˥ʔ

7. zə˦

27.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ zə˦

8. hi˥

28.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ hi˥

9. kɔ˥

29.  ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩ kɔ˥

10. te˥ tʃʰi˩  

30.  sʰɛ˥ʔ tʃʰi˩

11. te˥ tʃʰi˩ te˥

40.  ʔɔ˥ tʃʰi˩

12. te˥ tʃʰi˩ ɲi˥

50.  ŋa˥ tʃʰi˩    

13. te˥ tʃʰi˩ sʰɛ˥ʔ

60.  kʰɔ˥ʔ tʃʰi˩    

14. te˥ tʃʰi˩ ʔɔ˥

70.  zə˦ tʃʰi˩

15. te˥ tʃʰi˩ ŋa˥

80.  hi˥ tʃʰi˩

16. te˥ tʃʰi˩ kʰɔ˥ʔ

90.  kɔ˥ tʃʰi˩   

17. te˥ tʃʰi˩ zə˦

100. te˥ ha˩  

18. te˥ tʃʰi˩ hi˥

200. ɲi˥ ha˩  

19. te˥ tʃʰi˩ kɔ˥

1000. te˥ hi˥

20. ɲi˥ tʃʰi˩

2000. ɲi˥ hi˥


Linguist providing data and dateː Miss Naw Veronica, MA student, Department of linguistics, Payap University, Chiangmai, Thailand. July 30, 2013.

供资料的语言学家: Miss Naw Veronica, 2013 年 7 月 30 日.


Other comments: Lahu Shi or Yellow Lahu has a decimal systems. The above data is taken from dialect of Lahu Meuneu (məŋ˥ nəŋ˩) spoken in Shan Stare of Myanmar. The language resource person said that his language is quite different from Lahu Shi which can be found in Thailand. I have heard Lahu Shi, Lahu Na but I have never heard of this Lahu Meuneu before. I search this language on the internet and it seems this Lahu Meuneu is one of the dialects from Lahu Na. Lahu Shi is spoken by approximately 190,000 speakers in Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, Menghai county, Menghai district, Menghai township; Lancang Lahu autonomous county, Yunnan province, China, as well as Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.


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