Language name and location: Jerung, Kosi province, Nepal [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区杰龙语, 尼泊尔东部戈斯省  


1.  kɔʔloa  ~ kɔʔla  ~ kwalm


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Jean Robert Opgenort, Department of Linguistics,  University of Berne, Switzerland, July 7, 2013. Reference sourceː Jean Robert Opgenort, "A Grammar of Jero" 2005, Leiden, Netherlands, Bril

提供资的语言家: Dr. Jean Robert Opgenort,  2013 年 7 月 7 日.


Other comments: Jerung (Jero), with the general exception of the word for ‘one’, the Jero numerals are loans from Nepali. The following are the numerals ‘one’ to ‘five’:

    kɔʔloa  ~ kɔʔla  ~ kwalm ‘one’
am ‘two’ (<Nep. duī)

    tinam ‘three’ (<Nep. tīn)

    caram ‘four’ (<Nep. cār)

    pãcam ‘five’ (<Nep. pã̄c)

    As in Nepali, Jero requires under certain circumstances the use of numeral classifiers with all the numerals except the native numeral for ‘one’. The two loan classifiers are selected by the noun on the basis of semantic correlation.

   jʌnaam ~ jʌnm human classifier

   gɔʈaam ~ gɔʈaa non-human classifier

   Human referents generally select the human classifier, which is a loan from Nepali
anā ‘person’. Non-human referents require the nonhuman classifier, which is a loan
from vat̩ā ‘piece, article’. The nonhuman classifier may also be used in relation to

   human referents.


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