Language name and location: Dorze, North Omo zone, Ethiopia [Refer to Ethnologue]
言名称和分布地区多尔泽语, 埃塞俄比亚西南部各族民族州北奥莫地区


1. ʔissino ~ istta

21.  nám(ʔ)í támáné ʔissiz

2. nam(ʔ)á

22.  nám(ʔ)í támáné namʔa

3. heezá ~ heedzi

23.  nám(ʔ)í támáné heeza

4. ʔoidá

24.  nám(ʔ)í támáné ʔoida

5. ʔitʃáʃa ~ ʔitʃátʃa

25.  nám(ʔ)í támáné ʔitʃatʃa

6. ʔusúpun ~ ʔusúɸun

26.  nám(ʔ)í támáné ʔusupuna

7. láppun ~ láɸun

27.  nám(ʔ)í támáné laappuna

8. hóspun ~ hósɸun

28.  nám(ʔ)í támáné hospuna

9. ʔudúfun ~ ʔudúɸun

29.  nám(ʔ)í támáné ʔudupuna

10. tám(m)i

30.  heézí tam(m)i

11. támáné issino ~ támáné ʔissiz

40.  ʔoídí tam(m)i

12. támáné namʔa

50.  ʔitʃtʃátʃí tam(m)i

13. támáné heeza

60.  ʔusúpún tam(m)i 

14. támáné ʔoida

70.  lápún tam(m)i

15. támáné ʔitʃatʃa

80.  hóspun tam(m)i

16. támáné ʔusupun

90.  ʔudúpún tam(m)i

17. támáné lápun

100. ʔíssí tsʼeete ~ tsʼeéte

18. támáné hospun

200. nám(ʔ)í tsʼeete

19. támáné ʔudupun

1000. ʔíssí ʃije ( ʃiʔa <Amharic) *

20. nám(ʔ)í tam(m)i ~ laátamna

2000. nám(ʔ)í ʃije


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Sellassie Cheru, (collaboration of Ato Alemu Zewde ,three consultants from the highlander Dorzze speakers), Department of Linguistics, Addis Abba University. December 6, 2012.
供资料的语言学家: Dr. Sellassie Cheru, 2012 年 12 月 24 日.


Other comments: Dorzze or Dorze is regarded as one of the varieties of Gamo (North Ometo Cluster) by 21,000 speakers, so the numeral system is very similar to Gamo. The numeral system is dominantly spoken by the highlander Dorzze people living in the Chenchcha highlands.

The sounds in the brackets and words after the diacritic ~ are optionally pronounced and considered correct due to the influence of the neighboring contact languages and dialects.

Tone assignment:

1. Dorzze is a tonal accent language like Wolaita and Gofa. Dorzze is one of the Gamo


2. Each basic word assigns a High tonal accent on one of the prominently pronounced


3. In the compound word, the head word loses while the modifier assigns two high

    tonal accents. 4. Due to plateauing, the Low tonal accented more between the two

    High tonal accents on the modifier necessarily assigns additional High tonal accent.

Malo dialect: As far as my knowledge is concerned and the reliable information I got from the resourceful people, Malo is simply, a variety of Gofa. I could not draw any clear difference Due to this; the children learn mother tongue classes using Gofa the same Orthography.


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