Language name and locationː Minnan Chinese, Fujian, China [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区闽南话, 福建南部, 台湾, 浙江南部, 广东, 海南岛, 江西, 广西


1. tsit53 / it21

21.  li33 tsap53 it21 / liap53 it21 ( fast form)

2. lŋ33 / li33 

22.  li33 tsap53 li33  / liap53 li33

3. sã55

23.  li33 tsap53 sã55  / liap53 sã55

4. si21

24.  li33 tsap53 si21  / liap53  si21

5. ɡɔ33

25.  li33 tsap53ɡɔ33  / liap53 ɡɔ33

6. lak53

26.  li33 tsap53 lak53  / liap53  lak53

7. tsʰit21

27.  li33 tsap53 tsʰit21  / liap53 tsʰit21

8. pueʔ21

28.  li33 tsap53 pueʔ21 / liap53 pueʔ21

9. kau53

29.  li33 tsap53 kau53  / liap53 kau53 

10. tsap53

30.  sã55 tsap53

11. tsap53 it21

40.  si21 tsap53

12. tsap53 li33

50.  ɡɔ33 tsap53

13. tsap53 sã55

60.  lak53 tsap53

14. tsap53 si21

70.  tsʰit21 tsap53

15. tsap53 ɡɔ33

80.  pueʔ21 tsap53

16. tsap53 lak53

90.  kau53 tsap53

17. tsap53 tsʰit21

100. tsit4 paʔ21

18. tsap53 pueʔ21

200. lŋ33 paʔ21

19. tsap53 kau53

1000. tsit4 tsʰũĩ55 /tsʰiŋ55

20. li53 tsap53

2000. lŋ33  tsʰũĩ55  /tsʰiŋ55


Other comments: Southern Min is a group of linguistically similar and historically related Sinitic languages that form a branch of Min Chinese spoken in Fujian (especially the Minnan region), most of Taiwan (many citizens are descendants of settlers from Fujian), Eastern Guangdong, Hainan, and Southern Zhejiang. The Minnan dialects are also spoken by descendants of emigrants from these areas in diaspora, most notably the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. It is the most populous branch of Min Chinese, spoken by an estimated 48 million people.

In common parlance and in the narrower sense, Southern Min refers to the Quanzhang or Hokkien-Taiwanese variety of Southern Min originating from Southern Fujian in Mainland China. This is spoken mainly in Fujian, Taiwan, as well as certain parts of Southeast Asia. The Quanzhang variety is often called simply "Minnan Proper".
In the wider scope, Southern Min also includes other Min Chinese varieties that are linguistically related to Minnan proper (Quanzhang). Most variants of Southern Min have significant differences from the Quanzhang variety, some having limited mutual intelligibility with it, others almost none. Teochew, Longyan, and Zhenan may be said to have limited mutual intelligibility with Minnan Proper, sharing similar phonology and vocabulary to a small extent. On the other hand, variants such as Datian, Zhongshan, and Qiong-Lei have historical linguistic roots with Minnan Proper, but are significantly divergent from it in terms of phonology and vocabulary, and thus have almost no mutual intelligibility with the Quanzhang variety. Linguists tend to classify them as separate Min languages. Southern Min is not mutually intelligible with other branches of Min Chinese nor with non-Min varieties of Chinese, such as Mandarin, and the principal varieties of Southern Min are not intelligible with each other.

The above data is from Jinjiang dialect of Minnan. There are two form in Minnan for numerals 'one' and 'two': tsit53and 33 are only used in serial counting and with 'hundred' and 'thousand', while it21 and li33 are both used compound numbers in ordinal numbers. There are two forms ( normal form and fast form) for the compound numerals 21 to 29, 31 to 39 ... 91 to 99.


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