Language name and locationː Burunge, Dodoma region, Tanzania [Ref to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区布龙格语,  坦桑尼亚中部多多马区及东北部曼亚拉区 


1. leyiŋ / leẽ

21.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː leyiŋ

2. t͡ʃʼada

22.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː t͡ʃʼada

3. tami

23.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː tami

4. t͡ʃʼiɡaħa

24.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː t͡ʃʼiɡaħa

5. koːʔani

25.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː koːʔani

6. laħaʔu

26.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː laħaʔu

7. faɴqʼu

27.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː faɴqʼu

8. daɡati

28.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː daɡati

9. ɡweleli

29.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼada haː ɡweleli

10. mili

30.  mibeːri tami

11. mili haː leyiŋ

40.  mibeːri t͡ʃʼiɡaħa

12. mili haː t͡ʃʼada

50.  mibeːri koːʔani

13. mili haː tami

60.  mibeːri laħaʔu

14. mili haː t͡ʃʼiɡaħa

70.  mibeːri faɴqʼu

15. mili haː koːʔani

80.  mibeːri daɡati

16. mili haː laħaʔu

90.  mibeːri ɡweleli

17. mili haː faɴqʼu

100. mibeːri mibi / miyaː < Swahili

18. mili haː daɡati

200. miyaː t͡ʃʼada

19. mili haː ɡweleli

1000. ʔeliːfu leẽ < Swahili 

20. mibeːri t͡ʃʼada

2000. ʔeliːfu t͡ʃʼada


Linguist providing data and dateː Prof. Roland Kiessling, University of Hamburg, Germany, November 19, 1994.

Additional data provided byː Anna Badman (SIL-Tanzania), October 7, 2007

供资料的语言学家: Prof. Roland Kiessling, 1994 年 11 月 19 日.


Other comments: Burunge has a decimal system. The numbers 'hundred' and 'thousand' are both loans from Swahili. Burunge is a Southern Cushitic language in the Dodoma Region, Tanzania spoken by the Burunge people, a small community of about 13,000 native speakers that live in the Northeastern region of Tanzania. The Burunge live in close proximity to other languages such as the Rangi, Gogo and Sandawe, and ultimately, their language and culture is endangered by dwindling number of speakers and absorption by larger tribes.