Language name and locationː Barein, Guéra region, Chad [Refer to Ethnologue]
言名称和分布地区巴伦语, 乍得中南部盖拉区


1. paniŋ

21.  dùksap buɟa paniŋ

2. sidi

22.  dùksap buɟa sidi

3. subu

23.  dùksap buɟa subu

4. pudu

24.  dùksap buɟa pudu

5. dawsu

25.  dùksap buɟa dawsu

6. dasumaniŋ    ( 5 + 1 )

26.  dùksap buɟa dasumaniŋ

7. dasisidi        ( 5 + 2 )

27.  dùksap buɟa dasisidi

8. dasusubu      ( 5 + 3 )

28.  dùksap buɟa dasusubu

9. dasumpudu  ( 5 + 4 )

29.  dùksap buɟa dasumpudu

10. kur

30.  kurija subu / doɡmota *

11. kur ke paniŋ

40.  kurija pudu  ?

12. kur ke sidi

50.  kurija dawsu  ?

13. kur ke subu

60.  kurija dasumaniŋ ?

14. kur ke pudu

70.  kurija dasisidi ?

15. kur ke dawsu

80.  kurija dasusubu ?

16. kur ke dasumaniŋ

90.  kurija dasumpudu ?

17. kur ke dasisidi

100. aro, 101. aru buɟa paniŋ

18. kur ke dasusubu

200.  aro sidi ?, 210. aru sidi iŋ kur

19. kur ke dasumpudu

1000. dupu

20. kurija sidi / dùk sap *

2000. dupu sidi ?


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Joseph Lovestrand. SIL International, Chad.
June 22, 2010.
供资料的语言学家: Dr. Joseph Lovestrand. 2010 年 6 月 22 日.


Other comments: Barein has a decimal system with a substructures for 6 to 9. The above data were taken from the dialect called Jalkiya. Recorded in March 2010 in Mongo, Chad by Joseph Lovestrand SIL Chad & FAPLG (Fédération des Associations pour la Promotion de Langues du Guéra).

The digits 6-9 are transcribed phonetically as one word although they are more than likely a compound of the word for 5 (thought it drops its [w]) then the coordinate

/iŋ/ which totally assimilates to the following consonant. The variation in the second vowel is consistent with some type of vowel harmony seen in other environments.

The words originally given for 20 & 30 were later identified by the speakers as Bagirmi (a nearby language). The words for 100 and 1000 appear to have come from Hausa.

The morpheme [ke] seen in numbers 11-19 was used in one other place as an adverb with the meaning of “more” or “still” (French: encore). The morpheme [buɟa] is a homophone of if not the same as the word for “mouth”. The traditional words for 20 and 30 add the plural suffix /-ja/ (or /-ija/) to the word for 10.

Baraïn (or Barein, [bva]) is a language spoken by several thousand people (4,300 according to a 1993 census) in the Guera region in the center of Chad. The Baraïn are located in the southern part of the Guera near the town of Melfi and south and west

of the town (département de Bahr Signaka, sous-préfecture de Melfi). There are approximately 30 Baraïn villages in the region. Neighboring languages include the Saba to the north, the Bolgo to the east and the Sokoro to the west.