Language name and locationː Bangime, Sevare, Mali [Refer to Ethnologue]
言名称和分布地区班吉梅语, 马里共和国北部塞瓦雷镇附近七个村庄


1. tòré (in counting ) / tíǰɛ́ɛ̀ 

21.  tààw̃á ná tómèɛ̀ tórè

2. jíndò

22.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ jíndò

3. táárù

23.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ táárù

4. nɛ́ɛ̀

24.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ nɛ́ɛ̀

5. núndí

25.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ núndí

6. kéérè

26.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ kéérè

7. kííjè

27.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ kííjè

8. sááɡí

28.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ sááɡí

9. tɛ̀éɡò

29.  tááw̃à ná tómèɛ̀ tɛ̀éɡò

10. kúrɛ́

30.  tááw̃à nà bíjìɛ̀ kúrɛ́ (20+10)

11. kɔ̀nórɔ́ tórè

40.  tááw̃á tááw̃á / tááw̃à jíndò

12. kɔ̀nórɔ́ jíndò

50.  tááw̃à jíndò nà bíjìɛ̀ kúrɛ́  (40+10)

13. kɔ̀nórɔ́ táárù

60.  táámà síɡò

14. kɔ̀nórɔ́ nɛ́ɛ̀

70.  táámà síɡò nà bíjìɛ̀ kúrɛ́  (60+10)

15. kɔ̀nórɔ́ núndí

80.  jòórò

16. kɔ̀nórɔ́ kéérè

90.  jòórò nà bíjìɛ̀ kùrɛ́  (80+10)

17. kɔ̀nórɔ́ kííjè

100. tááw̃à núndí (20 x 5)

18. kɔ̀nórɔ́ sááɡí

200.  tááw̃à tááw̃à há déɛ̀ⁿ kíì kúrɛ́

19. kɔ̀nórɔ́ tɛ̀éɡò

1000. ɡʷóɔ̀ⁿ tórè (litː ''one man'')

20. tááw̃à

2000. ɡʷóɔ̀ⁿ jíndò  (litː ''two men'')


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Abbie Hantgan, Department of Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. June 29, 2011, June 21, 2012.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Abbie Hantgan, 2011 年 6 月 29 日. 2012 年 6 月 21 日.


Other comments: Bangime is a language of unknown affiliation or an isolate language. They have single words for 20, 40 and 80. 1000 is expressed by ''one man''. Baŋgi-me is spoken in seven villages east of Karge and reached by turning off the Sevare-Douentza road 38 km, north of Sevare in Northern Mali. The Baŋgime language is presently being transmitted to the children. However, there appears to be a loss of complex vocabulary. For example, the numbers above ten have been replaced in ordinary speech and some lexical items were only recalled by elder speakers. The second language of Baŋgi-me speakers is Niononkhe, the Mande language spoken in Karge. Niononkhe is a dialect of Bozo or Sorko and is referred to as Sɔgɔ Fulfulde, a dominant language in the zone, is known to some individuals and there is a limited amount of French spoken, usually by migrant workers or students. The population of Baŋgi-me speakers is likely to be 2,000-3,000.

Bangime Phonemic inventory:


/p b t d k ɡ m n ɲ ŋ s ɕ j ɥ w l/ [  ʋ ʧ ʤ  ɣ ʃ ʒ  r]


Non-nasalized: /i, i:, ɪ, ɪ:, e, e:, ɛ, ɛ:, a, a:, o, o:, ɔ, ɔ:, u, u:, ʊ, ʊ:/

Nasalized:       /ĩ, ĩ:, ẽ, ẽ: ɛ̃, õ, õ:, ã, ã ɔ̃, ũ, ũ:/


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