Language name and locationː Awngi, Amhara region, Ethiopia [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区: 奥义语, 埃塞俄比亚阿姆哈拉州及西北部本尚古勒-古马兹州


1. ɨ́mpɨ́l / láɢú *

21.  laŋárŋa ɨ́mplá

2. láŋa

22.  laŋárŋa láŋa

3. ʃúɢa

23.  laŋárŋa ʃúɢa

4. sedza

24.  laŋárŋa sedza

5. áŋkʷa

25.  laŋárŋa áŋkʷa

6. wɨ́lta

26.  laŋárŋa wɨ́lta

7. láŋéta

27.  laŋárŋa láŋéta

8. sóɢéta

28.  laŋárŋa sóɢéta

9. sésta

29.  laŋárŋa sésta

10. tsɨ́kka

30.  ʃúɢátská

11. tsɨ́kka ɨ́mplá

40.  sedzítská

12. tsɨ́kka láŋa

50.  áŋkʷátská

13. tsɨ́kka ʃúɢa

60.  wɨ́ltítská

14. tsɨ́kka sedza

70.  láŋítítská

15. tsɨ́kka áŋkʷa

80.  sóɢítítská

16. tsɨ́kka wɨ́lta

90.  sístítská

17. tsɨ́kka láŋéta

100. leɢ

18. tsɨ́kka sóɢéta

200. láŋa leɢ

19. tsɨ́kka sésta

1000. ʃáj

20. laŋárŋa

2000. láŋa ʃáj


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Andreas Joswig, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Ethiopia, April 3, 2007.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Andreas Joswig, 2007 年 4 月 3 日.


Other comments: Awngi has a decimal system. The second variant of 'one' is only used for counting. The other is used as the numeral adjective.
Awing is a Central Cushitic language spoken by approximately 48,000 Awi people, living in Central Gojjam in northwestern Ethiopia. Most speakers of the language live in the Agew Awi Zone of the Amhara Region, but there are also communities speaking the language in various areas of Metekel Zone of the Benishangul-Gumuz Region. Until recently, Kunfäl, another Southern Agaw language spoken in the area west of Lake Tana, has been suspected to be a separate language. It has now been shown to be linguistically close to Awngi, and it should be classified as a dialect of that language.