Language name and location: Aikanã, Rondônia state, Brazil [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区艾卡纳语, 巴西西北部朗多尼亚州热带森林区


1. ɑmeme

2. ɑtukɑ

3. ɑtukɑ ɑmeme (2+1)

4. ɑtukɑ ɑtukɑ   (2+2)

5. ɑmeme hinɑ̃rikɑẽ ĩne (litː 'one hand finished') rejected by some

.   hẽwɑ̃ẽ, this many (showing hands and fingers)


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Hein van der Voort, University of Amsterdam / University of Leiden, Netherlands. August 1, 2011.

提供资的语言: Dr. Hein van der Voort, 2011 年 8 月 1 日


Other comments: Aikanã is a spoken by approximately 150 speakers out of 200 ethnic population in Rondônia, west of Vilhena, near Cuiabá-Porto Velho highway.

Aikanã is a language isolate. It was not proven to be a member of any known language family. Also, its name is not Tubarão; that is the mutilated form of a person name that has become part of the name of the Tubarão-Latundê reserve (where Aikanã, Kwazá, Latundê, Salamãi, Sabanê, and Terena Indians live). 

Aikanã has a rather simple numeral. Above three or four people count in Portuguese. Traditionally they did not count above four, but showed a number of fingers and said 'this many'. Real Aikanã expressions of such numbers are contrived and just describe the situation on the hands, such as the number six:

ĩnẽ       hi’nã-rika-‘pö        a’meme     ‘hu-rütxüne-ẽ’

hand     no-cl:finger-ss       one        take-back.again-dec

'Hand finished and took another finger again.' (i.e. six)

(cl = classifier, ss= same subject, dec = declarative)

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