Language name and locationː Wintu, California state, USA [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区温图语 (北部温图语), 美国西部加利福尼亚州北部地区


1. k’et

2. lel

3. panuλ

4. λ’aw

5. c’an

6. ser-panuλ (2 x 3)

7. lolōqi

8. ser-λ’awi  (2 x 4)

9. k’etēm

10. tiqeles


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Mark Rosenfelder, The Author of the website "Numbers from 1 to 10 in over 5000 languages", Chicago, USA, October 7 2023.

提供资的语言: Mr. Mark Rosenfelder, 2023 年 10 月 7 日.


Other comments: Wintu /wɪnˈtuː/ is a Wintu language which was spoken by the Wintu people of Northern California. It was the northernmost member of the Wintun family of languages. The Wintun family of languages was spoken in the Shasta County, Trinity County, Sacramento River Valley and in adjacent areas up to the Carquinez Strait of San Francisco Bay. Wintun is a branch of the hypothetical Penutian language phylum or stock of languages of western North America, more closely related to four other families of Penutian languages spoken in California: Maiduan, Miwokan, Yokuts, and Costanoan.
The Wintu were in contact also with adjacent speakers of Hokan languages such as Southeastern, Eastern, and Northeastern Pomo; Athabaskan languages such as Wailaki and Hupa; Yukian languages such as Yuki and Wappo; and other Penutian languages such as Miwok, Maidu, Yokuts, and Saclan.[citation needed] Besides these contiguous languages surrounding the Wintun area wider contacts with speakers of Russian, Spanish, and English.
As of 2011, Headman Marc Franco of the Winnemem Wintu has been working with the Indigenous Language Institute on revitalization of the Winnemem Wintu language.

Wintu has only recorded traditional numerals from 1 to 10 many years ago, not sure if they were used a traditional decimal or vigesimal system before, New data for numbers after ten is required. 

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