Language name and locationː Sos-Kundi, Papua New Guinea [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区索斯-昆迪语, 巴布亚新几内亚东锡皮克省锡皮克河流域地区


1. nɑkʊrɑk

21. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ nɑkʊrɑk

2. vɪtik

22. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ vɪtik

3. kupuk

23. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ kupuk

4. ɑɬnɑk

24. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ ɑɬnɑk

5. tɑmbɑnɑk  (lit: ''one hand'')

25. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk

6. tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ nɑkʊrɑk (lit: 'plus one'')

26. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ nɑkʊrɑk

7. tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ vɪtik (lit: ''plus two'')

27. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ vɪtik

8. tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ kupuk (lit: ''plus three'')

28.  ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ kupuk

9. tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ ɑɬnɑk (lit: ''plus four'')

29.  ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ ɑɬnɑk

10. tɑmbɑ vɪtik (lit: ''two hands'')

30. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk tɑmbɑ vɪtik

11. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ nɑkʊrɑk

40. ndumɪ vɪtik (lit: ''two whole men'')

12. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ vɪtik

50. ndumɪ vɪtik tɑmbɑ vɪtik

13. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ kupuk

60. ndumɪ vɪtik (lit: ''three whole men'')

14. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ ɑɬnɑk

70. ndumɪ vɪtik tɑmbɑ vɪtik

15. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk

80. ndumɪ ɑɬnɑk (lit: ''four whole men'')

16. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ nɑkʊrɑk

90.  ndumɪ ɑɬnɑk tɑmbɑ vɪtik  

17. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ vɪtik

100. ndumi tɑmbɑnɑk (lit: ''five whole men'')

18. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ kupuk


19. tɑmbɑ vɪtik kɪjɑrɪ tɑmbɑnɑk sirɑ ɑɬnɑk


20. ndumɪ nɑkʊrɑk (lit: ''man-one'')



Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Jonathan Saras through Miss Joyce Wood and Mr. Ray Stegeman, SIL International, Papua New Guinea. February 28, 2020.

提供资的语言家: Mr. Jonathan Saras, 2020 年 2 月 28 日.


Other comments: Sos-Kundi is spoken by approximately 3,000 speakers in Angoram, Kwaliangua (center village), Saussia, Wosera Gawi district, and Yangoru villages,

East Sepik province, Papua New Guinea. Sos-Kundi has a traditional counting system based on 'five' and 'twenty', similar to that of the Iatmul language.

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