Language name and location: Daw'ida, Taita-Taveta county, Kenya [Ref to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区达维达 (泰塔 Taita), 肯尼亚南部泰塔-塔维塔郡


1. imweri [imwɛri]

21.  mronɡo iwʼi na imweri

2. iwʼi [iβi]

22.  mronɡo iwʼi na iwʼi 

3. idadu [idadu]

23.  mronɡo iwʼi na idadu

4. inya [iɲa]

24.  mronɡo iwʼi na inya

5. isanu [isanu]

25.  mronɡo iwʼi na isanu 

6. irandadu [irandadu]

26.  mronɡo iwʼi na irandadu

7. mfunɡade [mfunɡadɛ]

27.  mronɡo iwʼi na mfunɡade

8. wʼunyanya [βuɲaɲa]

28.  mronɡo iwʼi na wʼunyanya

9. ikenda [ikɛnda]

29.  mronɡo iwʼi na ikenda

10. ikumi [ikumi]

30.  mronɡo idadu

11. ikumi na imweri

40.  mronɡo inya

12. ikumi na iwʼi 

50.  mronɡo isanu

13. ikumi na idadu

60.  mronɡo irandadu

14. ikumi na inya

70.  mronɡo mfunɡade

15. ikumi na isanu 

80.  mronɡo wʼunyanya

16. ikumi na irandadu

90.  mronɡo ikenda

17. ikumi na mfunɡade

100. iɡhana jimweri [iɣana ʒimweri]

18. ikumi na wʼunyanya

200. maɡhana awʼi [maɣana aβi]

19. ikumi na ikenda

1000. elifu imweri  ('ɛlifu' <Swahili)

20. mronɡo iwʼi [mronɡo iβi]

2000. elifu iwʼi 


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Jordan A. MacKenzie, University of Florida-Center for African Studies, Gainesville, Florida, USA, April 18, 2018.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Jordan A. MacKenzie, 2018 年 4 月 18 日.


Other comments: Daw'ida (Kidaw'da) or Taita (Kirongʼe dialect), is spoken in SE of Kenya by approximately 370,000 speakers , this language has a decimal system. Other higher numbers areː 300. maɡhana adadu, 400. maɡhana ana, 500. maɡhana asanu, 600. maɡhana arandadu, 700. maɡhana mfunɡade, 800. maɡhana wʼunyanya, 900. maɡhana ikenda. Conventions adopted in the writing are <w’> for /β/, <ng’> for /ŋ/, and <ny> for /ɲ/. Little research has been done on the sound system, but Kidaw’ida is not tonal, stress is penultimate, and there appears to be a five-vowel system: /i ɛ a o u/, with no phonemic tense/lax contrast. Of particular interest is the use of mrongo as a base which is equal to 10, though it is not the word for 10. Also of interest is noun class agreement in 100–600 (classes 5 & 6, respectively). 

Daw'ida (Taita) is a Bantu language spoken in the Taita Hills of Kenya. It is closely related to the Chaga languages of Kenya and Tanzania. The Saghala (Northern Sagala, Sagalla) variety is distinct enough to be considered a language separate from the Daw'ida and Kasigau dialects.
Daw'ida and Saghala contain loanwords from two different South Cushitic languages, called Taita Cushitic, which are now extinct.  It is likely that the Cushitic speakers were assimilated fairly recently, since lateral obstruents in the loanwords were still pronounced as such within living memory. However, those consonants have now been replaced by Bantu sounds.


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