Language name and location: ‖Xegwi, Lake Chrissie, South Africa [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区希里 (吉里语 Giri), 南非东北部姆普马兰加省克里西斯湖地区


1. |ka:

2. |ku


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Mark Rosenfelder, The Author of the website "Numbers from 1 to 10 in over 5000 languages", Chicago, USA, October 7 2023.

提供资的语言: Mr. Mark Rosenfelder, 2023 年 10 月 7 日.


Other comments: ǁXegwi (pronounced /ˈzɛɡwiː/), also known as Batwa, is an extinct ǃKwi language spoken at Lake Chrissie in South Africa, near the Swazi border. The last known speaker, Jopi Mabinda, was murdered in 1988. However, a reporter for the South African newspaper Mail & Guardian reports that ǁXegwi may still be spoken in the Chrissiesmeer district. ǁXegwi has only recorded traditional numerals from 1 to 2 years ago. New data for numbers after two is required. 

Notes: The symbol 'ǀ' is a dental click, 'ǃ' a (post) alveolar lateral click and 'ǁ' an alveolar click.


ǁXegwi lost the abrupt clicks (the various manners of ǂ and ǃ) found in its relatives. It reacquired ǃ from Nguni Bantu languages, but clicks remained relatively infrequent, compared to other Tuu languages. It also had a series of uvular plosives not found in other Tuu languages.

Pulmonic and ejective consonants
  Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
central lateral central lateral
Nasal m n   ɲ ŋ      
Plosive voiced b d   ɟ ɡ   ɢ  
tenuis p t     k   q ʔ
ejective     kʷʼ    
Affricate voiceless   ts
kx k𝼄    
aspirated       tʃʰ   k𝼄ʰ    
voiced   dz          
ejective   tsʼ   tʃʼ kxʼ k𝼄ʼ    
Fricative voiceless   s ɬ ʃ x     h
voiced β z ɮ ʒ       ɦ
Sonorant   r l j w      
Lingual consonants
  Labial Dental Alveolar
central lateral
Nasal modal ᵑʘ ᵑǀ ᵑǃ ᵑǁ
glottalized   ᵑǀˀ ᵑǃˀ ᵑǁˀ
murmured ᵑʘʱ ᵑǀʱ ᵑǃʱ ᵑǁʱ
Plosive voiced   ᶢǀ ᶢǃ ᶢǁ
aspirated   ᵏǀʰ ᵏǃʰ ᵏǁʰ
tenuis ᵏʘ ᵏǀ ᵏǃ ᵏǁ
Affricate tenuis ᵏʘx ᵏǀx ᵏǃx ᵏǁx
ejective ᵏʘxʼ ᵏǀxʼ ᵏǃxʼ ᵏǁxʼ
Oral and Nasal vowels
  Front Back
High i ĩ u ũ
Mid e o
Low a ã
Pharyngealized vowels[6]
  Front Back
High  ḭː  ṵː
Low  a̰ː


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