Language name and location: Salt-Yui, Papua New Guinea [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区萨尔特-尤伊语, 巴布亚新几内亚辛布省


1. taniɡa

2. sutani

3. sui tai dire (litː 'two plus one')

4. sui sui dire (litː ' two plus two' )

5. ana holulu (lit: my hand part all')

6. ana hol pai muru hol pai taniɡa (lit: my hand part all, one')

7. ana hol pai muru hol pai sutani

8. ana hol pai muru hol pai sui tai dire

9. ana hol pai muru hol pai hol pai sui sui

10. ana holo holo (lit: my hand part part all')

11. ana holo holo debena 

12. ana holo holo debena sutani

13. ana holo holo debena sui tai sui


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Barry Irwin, SIL International, Papua New Guinea, May 31, 2011.

提供资的语言家: Mr. Barry Irwin, 2011 年 5 月 25 日.


Other comments: Salt-Yui is spoken by about 6,000 speakers in Gumine district, Chimbu province, Papua New Guinea. Salt-Yui has a finger-and-toe tally system with a (2, 5, 20) cyclic pattern similar to that of the related Golin language. The words dire means 'together, plus, add'; holulu means 'all'; pai means 'side; debana means' my foot'. Salt was a name given them by the government of officials because they made salt from a volcanic outcrop. The people only use the Yui designation. However, the Yui people do not usually count much above 10. They use their fingers to count bending one down, then two etc. When they get to 6 they say one full hand plus one finger on the other hand. If they have to go past 10 they say two hands plus one toe etc. 

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