Numeralbank / 世界七千种语言计数系统资料库(建造中)

Numeralbank (under-construction)

Numeralbank is a public database and repository on numeral systems in the world’s languages. It is motivated by the idea that number words do not just form an important part of most languages, but constitute systems that serve as essential tools at the intersection of culture, language, and cognition. Numeralbank can be used to classify numeral systems according to their properties, to document the geographical distribution of system types, to investigate commonalities and differences in system properties across languages, to reconstruct the most likely ancestral states, and to explore possible limits to and constraints on the striking diversity in how people count. Initially, the database will allow for analyses within and across systems, but the ultimate goal is to support tests of hypotheses on linguistic, cognitive, and cultural factors that may drive the emergence and evolution of numeral systems.

Entries in Numeralbank are largely based on data collected by Eugene Chan 陈西林 as part of the long-running project "Numeral Systems of the World's Languages" that was hosted at the former Department of Linguistics at the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. The data is now hosted at the Department of Cultural and Linguistic Evolution at the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. The Numeralbank database is designed and maintained by Hans-Jörg Bibiko. The Numeralbank team consists of (in alphabetical order) Andrea Bender, Hans-Jörg Bibiko, Robert Forkel, Simon Greenhill, Russell Gray, Harald Hammarström, Fiona Jordan, and Annemarie Verkerk.

世界语言七千种语言计数系统资料库 (建造中, 在此新的资料库中所有七千种语言的中文译名全部基于陈西林目前网站 世界语言的计数系统)

Numeralbank 是一个关于世界语言计数系统的公共数据库和存储库。它的动机是计数系统不仅构成大多数语言的重要组成部分,而且构成了作为文化、语言和认知交汇处的基本工具的系统。Numeralbank 可用于根据计数系统的属性对计数系统进行分类,记录系统类型的地理分布,研究跨语言系统属性的共性和差异,重建最可能的祖先状态,并探索可能的限制和约束人们计数方式的惊人多样性。最初,该数据库将允许在系统内和跨系统进行分析,但最终目标是支持对可能推动计数系统出现和演变的语言、认知和文化因素的假设进行测试。

Numeralbank 中的条目及所有七千种语言的中文译名主要基于陈西林 Eugene Chan 作为长期项目“世界语言的计数系统”的一部分收集的数据,该项目由德国莱比锡 MPI 进化人类学的前语言学系主办。这些数据现在托管在德国莱比锡 MPI 进化人类学的文化和语言进化系Numeralbank 数据库由 Hans-Jörg Bibiko 设计和维护。 Numeralbank 团队由(按字母顺序排列)Andrea BenderHans-Jörg BibikoRobert ForkelSimon GreenhillRussell GrayHarald HammarströmFiona Jordan Annemarie Verkerk 组成。Harald Hammarström Robert Forkel Martin HaspelmathSebastian Bank 是目前 Glottolog 4.8 《记录世界上鲜有人知语言的一个目录学数据库》的编制团队成员。

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