Language name and locationː Morop, Papua, Indonesia [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区莫罗普 (伊乌尔语 Iwur), 印度尼西亚西巴布亚省伊乌尔河谷


1. yopkit (litː 'one')

2. aloket (litː 'two')

3. aloyop  (litː 'two and one')

4. minen  (litː 'four then')

5. al nen (litː 'five then')

6. mungup nen (litː 'joint then')

7. et then (litː 'forearm then')

8. okelung nene (litː 'eight then')

9. tabi nene (litː 'nine then')

10. nangol nen (litː 'ten then')

11. kum (litː 'side of neck') 

12. kere (litː 'ear'), 13. kilop (litː 'eye'), 14. metu (litː 'nose')

15. kilop mala (litː 'other side eye' ), 16. kere mala (litː 'other side ear')

17. kum mala (litː 'other side neck'), 18. nangol mala (litː 'ten on other side')

19. tabi mala (litː 'eight on other side')

20. okulung mala (litː 'eight on other side'), 21. el mala (litː 'forearm on other side')

22. mungup mala (litː 'joint on other side'), 23. al (litː 'five')

24. min (litː 'four')

25. min wakelona (litː 'four on the left', one the left of min')

26. ngetnget wakelone (litː little finger on the left')

27. ngetnget leng la (litː little finger on the side')


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Joy Elliot, YMMP, Indonesia,

March 20, 2012.

供资料的语言学 家: Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Joy Elliot, 2012 年 3 月 20 日.


Other commentsː The Morop people group is made up of the District of Iwur and the District of Tarup. It is located to the South, East of Oksibil in the southern foothills of the Pegunungan Bintang mountains. The Morop language crossed over into Papua New Guinea as well. Their population is not completely certain but from our surveys we would estimate 5,900 to 6,000 plus. However, the government of Indonesia has the Morop people listed at 16,000 plus. Much like the Nagi language to our West the Morop also use the word "nen" when answering the question “How many?” (quantity) of something. Numbers 1 through 3 are the exceptions.

  1. yopkit

  2. aloket

  3. aloyop

  4. minen

  5. alnen

Ordinal numbers are :
1. sin               first
2. mete           second    

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