Language name and locationː Leco, La Paz department, Bolivia [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区莱科语, 玻利维亚西部拉巴斯省的的喀喀湖东部地区


1. ber

2. toi

3. tʃai

4. dirai
5. bertʃa (litː ''one fist'')
6. berpʰaxmo or bertʃa-ber-berpʰaxmo (litː 'five-one-adding'')
7. toipʰaxmo
8. tʃaipʰaxmo
9. berpila ( 10 - 1 ? )
10.beriki, 20.toi beriki, 22. toi beriki toihote, 100. pataka, 1000. waraŋka


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Simon van de Kerke, Leiden University, Netherlands, November 15, 2008.

提供资料的语言学家: Dr. Simon van de Kerke, 2008 年 11 月 15 日.


Other comments: Leco or Leko, Rik’a is a moribund language with 20 speakers left within 4,190 ethnic population in La Paz department: Apolo area, Karura, Candelaria, Tutilimundi, and Uyapi, Coroico river in Inca, Trinidad, Santo Domingo. Lake Titicaca east; scattered on Mapiri-Kaka river, Bolivia.

Leco is an endangered or recently endangered language isolate. Leco speakers have shifted to Spanish, many of them know some Quechua. Aymara very little. The word ''cha'' is 'fist', 6 is berphaqmo but it might also be realized as bercha-ber-phaqmo 'five-one-adding', and the same holds for berchatoiphaqmo, berchachaiphaqmo. It looks as if 9 berpila and 10 beriki do contain ber 'one' but I was not able to split them in meaning units. The tens, hundreds and thousands are formed by first mentioning the decimal number and then the ten, hundred or thousand as you already did: toi beriki 20, toi pataka 200 toi waranka 2000. If these full forms are followed by a basic number they are followed by -hote 'with' just as Quechua -yoq. toi beriki toihote 22, chai pataka chai beriki chaiphaqmohote 337 etc.


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