Language name and location: Kuman, Papua New Guinea [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区库曼语, 巴布亚新几内亚辛布省和东高地省


1. suwara

2. suwo

3. suwota (litː 'two-a')

4. suwo suwo (litː 'two two')

5. onɡino koɡlon (lit: 'hand one-side'), or suwowa suwowa tawa ('a two, a two, a-one')

6. onɡino koɡlo suwara  (lit: 'a hand one-side, one')

7. onɡino koɡlo suwo

8. onɡino koɡlo suwo suwara

9. onɡino koɡlo suwo suwo

10. onɡino koɡlo koɡlo (lit: a hand both sides')

11. onɡino koɡlo koɡlo suwara 

12. onɡino koɡlo koɡlo suwo

13. onɡino koɡlo koɡlo suwota

14. onɡino koɡlo koɡlo suwo suwo

15. onɡino katino koɡlo (lit: 'hands foot one-side')

16. onɡino katino koɡlo suwara

17. onɡino katino koɡlo suwo

18. onɡino katino koɡlo suwota

19. onɡino katino koɡlo suwo suwo

20. yomba suwara (lit: 'one person') or onɡuno koɡlo koɡlo katne koɡlo koɡlo (lit:

     'hands both-side, feet both-sides')


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Dunc Pfantz, SIL International, Papua New Guinea, June 8, 2011.

提供资的语言家: Mr. Dunc Pfantz, 2011 年 6 月 8 日.


Other comments: Kuman is spoken by 185,000 speakers in Chimbu province and Eastern Highlands province, Papua New Guinea. Kuman has a finger-and-toe tally system with a (2, 5, 20) cyclic pattern similar to that of Golin related language. They can count up to 78 as 'yomba suwota, onɡino katino koɡlo suwata (lit: 'yjree people, both hands + one foot+ three'). Like other Chimbu languages, Kuman has rather unusual lateral consonants. Besides the typical /l/, it has a "laterally released velar affricate" which is voiced medially and voiceless finally (and does not occur initially). Based on related languages, this is presumably /k͡ʟ̝̊/, allophonically [ɡ͡ʟ̝] (see voiceless velar lateral fricative).

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