Language name and location: Korowai, Papua province, Indonesia [Ref to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区科罗威语, 印度尼西亚巴布亚省南部迪古尔河流域内陆地区


1. seˈnan (litː 'little finger')

21. me'ᵑɡedun

2. senanaɸyˈl (litː 'ring finger')

22. me'nwajɔ

3. piᵑɡu'p (litː 'middle finger')

23. me'nwajaɸyl

4. wajaɸy'l (litː 'index finger')

24. me'mpiᵑɡup

5. wajɔ'  (litː 'thumb')

25. me'nsenanaɸyl

6. ɡedu'n (litː 'wrist')

26. me'nsena

7. laɸɔ'l  (litː 'under arm')


8. bɔᵑɡu'p (litː 'elbow')


9. labu'l (litː 'upper arm')


10. mai'n (litː 'shoulder')


11. lemu'p (litː 'neck')


12. xɔtɔ'p (litː 'ear')


13. xa'bian (litː 'head')


14. me'ᵑɡabian


15. me'ᵑɡɔtɔp


16. me'ntemup


17. me'nmain


18. me'ntabul


19. me'ᵐbɔᵑɡup


20. me'ntaɸɔl



Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Peter Jan de Vries, SIL International, Indonesia, January 25, 2008.

提供资的语言家: Mr. Peter Jan de Vries, 2008 年 1 月 28 日.


Other comments: Korowai is spoken by approximately 3,500 speakers in southeast inland area between upper Sirac and Digul rivers, Papua province, Indonesia. Korowai has a body tally system, moving from the little finger to the thumb, wrist, underarm, elbow, upperarm, shoulder, neck, ear, head and then moves on to the other side of the head, ear, neck, etc. and ends again at the little finger on the other side. There are variations in that some people do not use the other side of the head, but immediately go to the other ear and so on. Others skip the neck. However, the exact amount is less important for the people than actual counting. With exact amounts the numbers one and two are different words (lidɔp and pɔl respectively) but the other words are suffixed with -anop. When they just want to denote that there are a lot of something they will sayː mai'nanɔp, which also corresponds with 10.

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