Language name and locationː Bolyu (Palyu), Guangxi, China [Refer to Ethnologue]
言名称和分布地区 (巴琉语), 中国广西壮族自治区隆林县和西林县的部分村寨


1. 33

21.  bi55 maːn33 33

2. bi55

22.  bi55 maːn33 bi55

3. pa:i55

23.  bi55 maːn33 pa:i55

4. pu:n53

24.  bi55 maːn33 pu:n53

5. me31

25.  bi55 maːn33 me31

6. piu53

26.  bi55 maːn33 piu53

7. pai55

27.  bi55 maːn33 pai55

8. sa:m53

28.  bi55 maːn33 sa:m53

9. ɕən53

29.  bi55 maːn33 ɕən53

10. maːn33

30.  pa:i55 maːn33

11. maːn33 33

40.  pu:n53 maːn33

12. maːn33 bi55

50.  me31 maːn33

13. maːn33 paːi55

60.  piu53 maːn33

14. maːn33 pu:n53

70.  pai55 maːn33

15. maːn33 me31

80.  sa:m53 maːn33

16. maːn33 piu53

90.  ɕən53 maːn33

17. maːn33 pai55

100. 33 ʑɔ31

18. maːn33 sa:m53

200. bi31 ʑɔ31

19. maːn33 ɕən53

1000. 33 toːŋ55

20. bi55 maːn33

2000. bi31 toːŋ55


Sourceː Liang Min, 1984. A Grammatical Sketch of Lai language, Minzuyuwen
资料来源ː 梁敏:《俫语概》,《民族语文》1984年 第4期.


Other comments: Palyu or Bolyu has a decimal numeral system. The Bolyu language, also known as Paliu, Palyu, or Lai 俫语, 徕语 is an Austroasiatic language of the Pakanic branch. The Bolyu are among the unrecognized ethnic groups of China. Bolyu is related to the Bugan language, forming the Pakanic branch along with it. In 1984, Bolyu was first studied by Liang Min of the Nationalities Research Institute in Beijing. Liang was the first to suggest a Mon–Khmer affiliation of Bolyu, which was later confirmed by Western linguists such as Paul K. Benedict, Paul Sidwell, and Jerold A. Edmondson. However, the place of the Pakanic branch within the Mon–Khmer family is uncertain. Sidwell (1995) suggests that the Pakanic branch may be an Eastern Mon–Khmer branch, thus making it most closely related to the Vietic branch. However, Gérard Diffloth classifies Pakanic as Northern Mon–Khmer, making it most closely related to the Palaungic branch.


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