Language name and location: Bauzi, Papua province, Indonesia [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区鲍兹语, 印度尼西亚巴布亚省北部查亚普拉县及附近地区


1. vámtea

2. behásu

3. látela

4. ahim labe ahim labe (2+2)

5. auohole (lit: ''palm finished'')

6. au meida vi va (lit: ''palm another digit'')

7. au meida behásu vi va  (lit: ''palm another two digits'')

8. au meida látela vi va 

9. au meida ahia vi va 

10. au ahim fole (lit: ''palm pair finished'')

11. nabaso meida vi va or naba bu vametea viva [lit: ''foot (bu) one digit']

12. nabaso meida behásu vi va

13. nabaso meida láéla vi va

14. nabaso meida ahia vi va

15. naba meida fole or naba media ahebu fole (lit: ''foot one all finished'')

16. naba meida vi va or au ahim fore, naba media fole, naba bu media vametea viva

     [lit: ''palm pair finshed, foot another finished, foot (bu) one digit'']

17. naba meida behásu vi va

18. naba meida látéla vi va

19. naba meida ahia vi va

20. au ahim fole naba ahim fole (lit: ''foot pair finished'')

21. dat media anekeha vametea via (lit: ''man another hand one digit'')


Linguist providing data and dateː Mr. Dave Briley, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Indonesia, September 9, 1996.

提供资的语言家: Mr. Dave Briley, 1996 年 9 月 9 日.


Other comments: The Bauzi people use the hands and feet system. They easily count to twenty ''au ahim fole naba ahim fole'', which means ''2 hands finished, 2 feet finished''. 6 is expressed by ''add one finger the other hand'', 10 is ''2 hands finished'' and 11 is'' add one toe''. When both hands are completed, the hands are clapped together and when counting on the feet, it is customary to hold onto the toes being included. However, because of the length of the description of each number, the younger generation is tending to use the shorter numbers of the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. Anything over the worth of one or two men may be described as abo duate 'a lot'. Note: v́ is a stress mark. Bauzi is spoken by about 1,500 speakers in several villages

extensive inland area between Mamberamo and Rouffaer rivers, Jayapura and Yapen Waropen regencies, Papua province, Indonesia.

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