Language name and location: South Awyu, Papua, Indonesia [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区: 南部奥尤语 (斯加哈-耶尼穆语 Sjiagha-Yenimu), 印度尼西亚巴布亚省南部迪古尔河流域地区


1. ésjà  (Sjiagha dialect), isjò (isjò dialect)

2. okòmo  (Sjiagha-dialect), okum (isjò dialect)

3. okom-ésjà (Sjiagha dialect), okum-isjo (isjò dialect)

4. okom-okòmo (Sjiagha dialect), okum-okum (isjò dialect)

5. béd-afi-bumo (Sjiagha dialect), bed-afi-kome (isjò dialect)

10. se (Sjiagha dialect), se (isjò dialect)

 These data show primitive numbers for 1, 2, 5 and 10. In the word for 5 béd-afi means 'the one hand'.


Linguist providing data and dateː Prof. Lourens Jan de Vries, Afd. Taal en  Communicatie Letteren, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands, February 3, 2010.

Reference source: 1995a, 'Numeral systems of the Awyu language family of Irian Jaya'. In: Journal of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, BKI 150-III, 540-567.

供资料的语言 学家: Prof. Lourens Jan de Vries, 2010 年 2 月 3 日.


Other comments: South Awyu or Sjiagha-Yenimu is spoken by approximately 9,000 speakers in Bade town area, Merauke and Mappi regencies, lower Digul river area, Papua province, Indonesia. Drabbe (1950) gives a very sketchy account of the numbers used in the Sjiagha and Yenimu dialects of Sjiagha-Yenimu and of Pisa. Sjiagha-Yenimu is the name Drabbe gave to the language spoken by Awyu clans living along the Sjiagha and Yenimu rivers. Drabbe just gives the words for 1 to 5 and the word for 10. More completed data needed.

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