Language name and locationː Phong-Kniang, Laos [Refer to Ethnologue]

言名称和分布地区: 彭克娘语, 老挝


1. bo: ʔan [boʔan]

2. baːr ʔan

3. pia ʔan

4. pon ʔan

5. bo: bɨaŋ tɨəj [bo:bɨaŋ tɨəj]

6. boː vuok [bovuok]

7. ɟiɛt

8. tit

9. pərom [pᵊrom]

10. vɨər / voː vɨər [ vovɨər]

11. 11 up borrowed from Lao


Linguist providing data and dateː Dr. Michael Ferlus, CNRS (Centre Nationale de Recherche Scientifique), Paris, France, February, 2, 2013.

供资料的语言学家: Dr. Michael Ferlus, 2013 年 2 月 2 日.


Other comments: Phong-Kniang or Phong-Kaneng [pʰɔːŋ kᵊneːŋ] has retained traditional Mon-Khmer numerals from one to ten, after ten they borrowed numerals from Lao language. Data were collected by myself at Hua Muong, Sam Neua Province, Laos. Phong Keneng is very similar with Phong Kniang, both are sub-dialect of the same language. 


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