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In response to several suggestions we have set up a little questionnaire on 28 sociolinguistic features. This will allow APiCS users to correlate our structural features with certain sociolinguistic features directly. Please go to the layout "Sociolinguistic data" which is accessible via one of the six blue buttons in the top line of the database questionnaire, or via the standard layout drop-down list in the left-hand side bar.



This is a list of the sociolinguistic features grouped by category.


1. Lexifier language
2. Native speakers
3. Ongoing creolization of pidgins
4. Increasing use
5. Language abandonment
6. Approximate size of speaker community
7. Gender-related use

Domains of use

8. Radio and TV news
9. Radio and TV call-ins/discussions
10. Music
11. Literature
12. Newspaper editorials
13. Other newspaper items
14. Public contexts
15. Court
16. Parliament
17. School
18. Electronic media

Language Contact

19. Contact with other languages


  • Geographic variation
20. Phonology
21. Morphosyntax
22. Lexicon
  • Urban/rural variation
23. Phonology
24. Morphosyntax
25. Lexicon
  • Social variation
26. Phonology
27. Morphosyntax
28. Lexicon
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