First International Conference on
Aspects of Iranian Linguistics

17 - 19 June 2005 Leipzig, Germany

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Co-sponsored by
Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute
University of Arizona
California State University, Fresno

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The conference will take place in the building of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropolgy.

There will be also a little book exhibition (Seminarroom H4.10).

Thursday 16 June
ca. 19.30 informal get-together in the restaurant ALTE NIKOLAISCHULE (city center, opposite the Nikolai church)

Friday 17 June
8.00 - 8.50 Registration
Entrance Hall
8.50 Welcome remarks
Lecture Hall
Session I
Chair: Martin Haspelmath
9.00 - 9.30 Don Stilo (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
Two sets of mobile verbal clitics in Northern Talyshi.
Lecture Hall
9.30 - 10.00 Agnes Korn (University of Frankfurt)
Object or not object: marking of actants in Balochi Ergative constructions.
Lecture Hall
10.00 - 10.30 Antje Wendtland (Universtiy of Goettingen)
On ergativity in Pamir languages.
Lecture Hall
10.30 - 11.15 Coffee break
Entrance Hall
Session II
Chair: Jila Ghomeshi (University of Manitoba)
11.15 - 11.45 Saeed Ghaniabadi (University of Manitoba)
M/p-echo reduplication in colloquial Persian: an OT analysis.
Lecture Hall
11.45 - 12.15 Annie Rialland and Pollet Samvelian (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Rightmost or leftmost? Accentual rules and intonation in Farsi.
Lecture Hall
12.15 - 14.15 Lunch
Cafeteria (Max Planck Institute)
13.00 - 14.15 Poster Session 1
Ferdows Aghagolzadeh (Tarbiat Modares University)
The contributions of linguistic studies at the universities of Iran.
Zohreh Eslami-Rasekh (Texas A&M University)
Manifestations of tŠ'arof (Ritual Politeness) in Persian Invitations.
Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari (The Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia, Tehran)
Subjunctive mood in contemporary Persian.
Seminarroom H4.10 (S2)
Session III
Chair: Simin Karimi (University of Arizona)
14.15 - 14.45 Jila Ghomeshi (University of Manitoba)
Markedness and bare nouns in Persian.
Lecture Hall
14.45 - 15.15 Lewis Gebhardt (Northwestern University)
Classifiers and Plural in Persian.
Lecture Hall
15.15 - 15.45 Daniel Paul (SOAS London)
The 'indefinite' suffix in modern Persian is a classifier.
Lecture Hall
15.45 - 16.30 Coffee Break
Entrance Hall
Session IV
Chair: Vida Samiian (CSU Fresno)
16.30 - 17.00 Pollet Samvelian (Sorbonne Nouvelle)
The Ezafe construction in Iranian languages.
Lecture Hall
17.00-17.30 Geoffrey Haig (University of Kiel)
Remarks on the supposed passive origins of ergativity in Iranian.
Lecture Hall
17.30-18.00 Annahita Farudi (Oxford University) and Maziar Toosarvandani (USC Berkeley)
The loss of ergativity in Dari modal verbs.
Lecture Hall
18.00 - 18.15 Coffe Break
Entrance Hall
18.15 - 19.15
Keynote speech

Gilbert Lazard (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris)

The Iranian languages in diachrony and synchrony: a variegated and moving picture.
Lecture Hall
Saturday 18 June
8.00 - 9.00 Registration
Entrance Hall
Session V
Chair: Don Stilo (Max Planck Institute)
9.00 - 9.30 Simin Karimi (University of Arizona)
Control constructions in some Iranian languages.
Lecture Hall
9.30 - 10.00 Ali Darzi (Tehran University)
Persian subject control.
Lecture Hall
10.00 - 10.30 Holmberg, Anders (University of Newcastle) and David Odden (Ohio State University)
The Noun Phrase in Hawrami.
Lecture Hall
10.30 - 10.45 Coffee Break
Entrance Hall
Session VI
Chair: t.b.a.
10.45 - 11.15 Karine Megerdoomian (University of California, San Diego)
A typology of Persian complex predicates.
Lecture Hall
11.15 - 11.45 Mohamad Vahedi Langrudi (Tarbiat Modares University)
De-verbal compound nominalization and argument structure in Persian.
Lecture Hall
11.45 - 12.15 Gh. Karimi-Doostan (University of Kurdistan)
The predicative nominals in complex verbs.
Lecture Hall
12.15 - 14.45 Lunch
Cafeteria (Max Planck Institute)
13.30 - 14.45 Poster Session 2
Ali Alizadeh (Birjand University)
Word Order and the position of direct object in Persian sentences.
Majid Fattahipoor (Azad University, Parand)
A study of Khalaj language: variable Pronunciation of /q/ under influence of Farsi.
Corinna Leschber (Humboldt University Berlin)
Iranian-Turkish-Bulgarian language contact: From a contact-semantic point of view.
Manijeh Youhanaee (Isfahan University)
Light verbs in Persian and English: Do they share the same properties?
Seminarroom H4.10 (S2)
Session VII
Chair: Karine Megerdoomian (UCSD)
14.45 - 15.15 Jan Mohammad and Azita Taleghani (University of Arizona)
The properties of ke in Persian.
Lecture Hall
15.15 - 15.45 Aria Adli (New York University)
Persian wh-questions: word order variation.
Lecture Hall
15.45 - 16.30 Coffee Break
Entrance Hall
Session VIII
Chair: Shahrzad Mahootian (Northeastern Illinois University)
16.30 - 17.00 Arezoo Najafian and Mohamad Vahedi Langrudi
(Tarbiat Modares University)
The analysis of Impersonal constructions in Persian: an unaccusative hypothesis approach.
Lecture Hall
17.00 - 17.30 Reza Nilipour (University Rehabilitation Sciences & School of Cognitive Science/Iran)
Where and what' of the Persian language within pathological context.
Lecture Hall
17.30 - 17.45 Coffee Break
Entrance Hall
17.45 - 18.45
Keynote speech

Mohammad Reza Bateni (Tehran University)

Recent Advances in Persian Lexicography.

Lecture Hall
Conference Dinner in the Restaurant of the Hotel Michaelis.

19.45 - 20.15: Elahe Mir-Djalali Omidyar (Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute)
20.15 - 20.45: Simin Karimi: Remarks about the proceedings
20.45 - 22.45: Dinner reception

Sunday 19 June
8.30 - 9.00 Registration
Entrance Hall
Session IX
Chair: Anders Holmberg (University of Newcastle)
9.00 - 9.30 Shahrzad Mahootian (Northeastern Illinois University)
Discourse constraints on Inversion.
Lecture Hall
9.30 - 10.00 John R. Roberts (SIL International)
Scrambling in Persian: an RRG approach.
Lecture Hall
10.00 - 10.30 Ludwig Paul (University of Hamburg)
The Persian suffix -ra as a general linguistic problem.
Lecture Hall
10.30 - 10.45 Coffee Break
Entrance Hall
Session X
Chair: Reza Nilipour (University Rehabilitation Sciences & School of Cognitive Science/Iran)
10.45 - 11.15 Ellert T. Johannsson (Cornell University)
About alternation in Avestan u-stems.
Lecture Hall
11.15 - 11.45 Carina Jahani (University of Uppsala/ Sweden)
Expressions of future in classical and Modern New Persian.
Lecture Hall
11.45 - 12.15 Anousha Sedighi (University of Ottawa)
Subjecthood and Agenthood in Persian
Lecture Hall
12.15 - 12.45 Jon Dehdari and Deryle Lonsdal (Brigham Young University)
A link grammar parser for Persian.
Lecture Hall
12.45 - 13.00 Vida Samiian, Don Stilo, Simin Karimi
Wrapping up

Lecture Hall
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